It is a myth that knowledge is available in school and colleges only. The truth is life itself is a big ocean of knowledge and elders are those tutors who teach the real lessons to their younger and following generation. The knowledge which elders provide to their young generation juniors help them their whole life. But the problem is this precious knowledge is getting lost with the growing generation due to communication gaps between young and old people. Today students don’t like the old seniors of the family or school/colleges because they think they are not updated and sometimes really seniors also behave in the same way and make this doubt of students feel strong. Senior citizens have a vast level of knowledge because they have seen the whole world and almost everything in their life therefore their knowledge level is awesome. Even students can learn a lot from them for their academic performance and can earn good marks. And this should be a hierarchy that younger people should always learn wisdom and knowledge from their elders but no one is interested in this now and everyone is bothered in their own way of learning and studying. Even Institute ERP promotes this concept that students should respect their elders and learn from them because institute ERP believes that home is the first school of the child therefore, he/she learns initial knowledge from the elders of the home then why should this be continued afterwards also because elders have a lot to teach to the students like actual life skills etc. 

But here for this generation gap in the matter of sharing the knowledge is not only from one side but both the generations are responsible for this. Lack of communication is the main reason for this generation gap. Parents are busy in their professional life and have left the students with home tutors and never teach them anything from their own life and students also gradually become habitual of staying away from the parents so they also don’t ask anything to them just both have some expectations from each other but no one will initiate for the filling this generation gap. Students also need to talk to their parents at the dinner table or while studying ask their parents and elders also about some queries. This will make students surprised at how knowledgeable their elders and parents are.  In order to gain knowledge regarding academics and life skills also students need to spend more time together with their parents and elders of the family. This works like a software which integrates every possible factor for fats and good results. For example, these days educational institutions are using software for school management in order to integrate all departments of school because software for school management maintains the work efficiency of school management in the matter of teaching and learning process of school.

Sometimes our behaviour becomes the reason for the attainment of knowledge and information from a learned person. Otherwise, no one shares his/her precious knowledge for free. So, students need to talk to their elder like parents and grandparents politely and lovingly and provide them with cute gifts and even that is not possible then at least sit beside them and ask about their health and well-being sometimes, this will bring smiles other their faces and they open the door of their ocean of knowledge and students come to know that their elder s know beyond their expectations about everything that too so much. If you are a student and want guidance from your elders like parents and grandparents then you need to share your problems with them. Show some trust in them which can make them understand that you are troubled and want their help and then you will see that their knowledge is your guidance in a jiffy. Sometimes old age elders of family behave a little irritating but young people of family need to understand they have grown up old and have become like a child but as soon as they calm down, they become epitome of guidance for their family so you students should respect their elders. If being a student you want to attain some knowledge and information which is very precious and then have patience elders really know when to provide you with that particular knowledge and  this patience proves to be the most fruitful wait.

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