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Five Trends That Will Shape Philanthropy Consultants
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Five Trends That Will Shape Philanthropy Consultants 

The philanthropic landscape is changing as donors devise new ways and cause to invest for the public good. Unlike in the past, philanthropy has become more results-oriented as donors want to solve a range of environmental, social, and governance problems within the shortest time possible. Philanthropy Consultants Increased focus on results comes amid technological advancements that have made it possible to research and fund effective charitable organizations.

5 Trends That Will Shape Philanthropy Consultants

Similarly, philanthropy consulting services have experienced significant changes in response to the way donors invest in charitable organizations and projects. The service providers have had to curate their services and offerings to identify an array of social issues that can catch donors’ attention and philanthropy donations.

Several trends are expected to change the way philanthropy consultants operate in ways that few could ever imagine.

  • Data Mapping and Tools 

Philanthropy and technology are increasingly becoming intertwined. As it stands, there is a growing demand for tools and systems that can help philanthropy consultants and the audience make sense of large quantities of data for informed decision making.

Philanthropy consultants increasingly have to adopt new technologies for scanning and interpreting troves of data. Combining the power of data mapping tools with a finer interpretation of data is expected to enhance data-informed decision making in philanthropy and fuel demand for philanthropy consultant services.

  • Collaboration and Consolidation

The desire to impact the burgeoning and diverse philanthropy space forces many philanthropy consultants and infrastructure organizations to merge. In recent years there has been an increase in philanthropic infrastructure groups and consultants coming together to collaborate and consolidate operations.

In 2019, Foundation Center and Guide Star, some of the biggest players in the philanthropic landscape, merged, creating an industry heavyweight Candid. Increased mergers and consolidations stem from a growing desire to forge stronger and more balanced relationships.

Likewise, the merging and consolidations of various philanthropy consultants are emerging as an essential aspect of strengthening the philanthropy infrastructure landscape.

  • The Use of Data Science for Social Impact

While philanthropists have been slow in embracing data science, things are slowly changing. Many philanthropy consultants are increasingly using resources to pool together professional data scientists.

Likewise, philanthropy consultant jobs focused on data science are increasingly cropping up as firms look to get the right personnel for making good use of available data. As the access to new and sophisticated technology expands, data is becoming crucial in day to day lives, conversely influencing operations on philanthropy.

The need to extract knowledge faster and more efficiently from huge troves of data should see most philanthropy consultants turn to data science in the years to come.

  • Increased focus on Sustainable development Goals

In recent years, philanthropy consultants have increasingly changed their attention to sustainable development goals capable of providing a viable future for the human race. The change of focus comes amid a surge in philanthropic funding in support of projects that have the potential to impact humankind for many years to come.

Philanthropy consultants are likely to shift attention to projects that can eradicate extreme poverty and inequality as these are some of the areas likely to attract huge funding from philanthropists. The focus will also be on climate change programs.

Consultants and foundations should collaborate among themselves and other stakeholders to enhance their tracking capabilities on investments that have the potential to enhance sustainable development goals.

  • Climate Change Push 

Climate change has become a central theme in many philanthropy advisory firms. This is partly because of increased investments in programs and projects that are enhancing climate change awareness and creating solutions for combating the degradation of the environment.

As climate change’s effects become more powerful and common, philanthropy consultants are expected to play a pivotal role in the front lines to come up with solutions for mitigating climate disaster.

In this case, most consultants are expected to leverage huge troves of data to provide insights on how to respond to more frequent disasters. Likewise, they are likely to incorporate the impacts of climate change in their strategies in addition to advancing innovative programs for mitigation and prevention.

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