Birthdays are a big part of your life, as there is nothing more refreshing than celebrating another year filled with love and happiness. Marking another milestone, and just looking back on all the amazing years you have enjoyed so far. Birthdays, in general, are a great treat, but they might be a hassle to plan. Especially when you are looking for fun birthday party ideas for elderly men like your 70 year old dad. To help you out we have listed down a few fun ideas. As for the presents, you can browse a list of 70th birthday gift ideas for dad here.

  1. Location – With any party location is key! However, you cannot host a party just anywhere. You have to pick a place that is convenient for everyone and allows the birthday man to feel comfortable.
  2. Theme – The second most important idea you need is to pick a theme. A theme can be anything from dressing up in costumes or following a fishing party attire. Anything that the your father is interested in, and will appreciate. While it might take you a while to get the theme going, remember it can help you make your entire party.
  3. A Team – You meet many people in life, but only a handful make an impact on your life. Rather than inviting just anyone, we suggest you try getting the A-Team together again. If they live far away, you can arrange for a virtual appearance, or have some of them record a video message for the special occasion.
  4. Music – Every birthday party needs some amazing birthday tunes, tunes that get the party people going and makes sure they are having a fabulous time. These can be great hits or just upbeat or theme appropriate music that works.
  5. SlideShow – Taking a view of how amazing your dad’s life has been is a great way to spend time, a little slide show will go a long way to remember the 70 years. Making the party an affair to remember, while creating new memories that can be added to the mix.
  6. Message Board – Setting up a message board where the attendees can leave a note or wish is a wonderful idea. So once the party is over the birthday man can hang the board in his room, reminding him of all the people who love and care for him.

Any great party requires a great deal of creativity, and finding your way to the perfect setting can be a great experience in itself. Just make sure it’s nothing over the top, until and unless that is exactly what your dad needs! With elderly involved it’s best to keep the fun limit in check and make sure everyone is comfortable.


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