It is said that the city of Haridwar is welcoming guests with the sound of temple bells and the religious singing of priests. The city is known as one of the seven holy sites of India the city’s name Haridwar (Hari Haridwar ka Dwar) is a reference to the Gate to God. It is also known for its “Panch Tirth (five pilgrimages)” which comprises Gangadwara(Har Ki Pauri), Kushwart (Ghat), Kankhal, Biswas Tirtha( Mansa Devi) and Neel Parvat (Chandi Devi). Other attractions to see in Haridwar are places of worship like Maya Devi Temple, Darsha Mahadev Temple along with Pavan Dham.
Haridwar also has an exact version from The Vaishno Devi temple in Jammu in case you were not in a position to visit the temple in Jammu. To add to the list of things to do the city of Haridwar is an eight storey Temple which is dedicated to Bharat Mata. The beauty of the city is its mix of being a sacred place with a stunning natural setting. The visitors are in awe watching the Ganga Aarti in progress especially at night.
Other places of interest that are located in Haridwar includes Crystal World and its museum for kids and Patanjali Yogpeeth, a place for people who are looking to improve their health. For those who love nature this city is a dream, watching exotic migratory birds in Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar or an adventure in the jungle in the Chilla Sanctuary and Rajaji Sanctuary and even taking in the serene splendor of the Ganges by gliding along one of the hills.

Har Ki Pauri
One of the most popular tourist destinations within Haridwar is Har Ki Pauri, which literally is the Lord’s footsteps. This is the holy place at which the the river Ganges enters the plains after winding its way throughout into the Himalayan ranges. Tourists flock to this sacred place at dawn to soak in a holy pond. In The Ganga Aarati.
It’s fascinating to see the entire ghat being lit by the dazzling light of the three-tiered lights of fire that are in the hands of priests. Furthermore, devotees throw thousands of diyas over the top of water, giving the River Ganges an ethereal look of beauty. One of the most popular attractions during morning hours is a footprint that is engraved on the wall, believed to be the property of Lord Vishnu.
Location – harkipodi, near Krishna Dham, Kharkhari

Shanti Kunj
Enjoy a world of wellness and spirituality in ShantiKunj while you’re in Haridwar tour packages. It is regarded as the main office of the All World Gayatri Power and is a magnet for countless visitors. The belief is that the ashram helps you to the right way and provides you with perpetual joy. Inspiring itself by spiritual principles, Shanti Kunj is a pioneer in the revival of Rishi practices and the spirituality. If you visit to participate on one of these camps for training and bring home unforgettable memories of spiritual and moral improvement.
The most famous tourist attractions in Shanti Kunj are the Yagya Shala, Gayatri Mata temple, Akhand Deep, Devatma Himalaya temple and many other temples dedicated the ancient religious rishis. If you’re keen in learning more about the subject, visit one of the exhibits at the world-renowned ashram of Divine culture. You won’t be empty handed after your visit to Shanti Kunj.
Location: Shantikunj, Sapt Rishi Rd, Motichur, Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary
If you’re thinking that Haridwar has nothing to offer tourists apart from religion and culture The place here is fresh air that makes things much more interesting for visitors like. An ideal treat for wildlife enthusiasts who love wildlife in Haridwar, Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary is home to an amazing array of birds and other animals.
One of the main species of wildlife that you are likely to see there are elephants, tigers as well as bear, leopard and elephant. The area is situated on the banks of the river Ganges the wildlife sanctuary covers the area of 249 square. km. It was created in 1977. If you’re looking for a thrill during your Haridwar excursion, Chilla Wildlife Sanctuary offers plenty of possibilities.
Location Distance: 6 km from Haridwar

Chandi Devi Temple
One of the shaktipeeths on in the Neel parvat’s top includes Chandi Devi Temple which is which is dedicated to Chandika Devi who was born from the energy of Devi Durga in order to destroy the Shumbha-Nishumbha demon king.
Visitors to the temple are able to take a 3km adventure to the top of the hill with stunning views, with monkeys roaming in the vicinity. Another, and more comfortable method to travel is via the Udankhatola ropeway. A few worshippers also have the option of taking trolleys that travel all along the way.
There is a pond near the temple that is believed to have medicinal properties and it draws the attention of those who wish to bath. There are numerous vendors near the temple, selling Prasad, Diya, agarbatti and more to those who wish to perform puja.
Location – Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar
Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar is an ideal spot for birdwatchers. The famous bird watch spot is located in the Bhimgoda Barrage of Haridwar and is blessed with an abundance of species of wildlife, flora and fauna, adding its beauty to area.
The area is breathtakingly beautiful during winter when vibrant birds of all species move to the area. The most notable are the Siberian Cranes that are found in Rajliwala. Since it is close to numerous hiking trails in Haridwar The location is also popular among the nature and trekkers people. The charm of the location is the breathtaking panorama of snow-shrouded Shivalik Hills which makes it one of the top tourist destinations in Haridwar.
Location – Bhimgoda Barrage

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