When a loved one dies, emotions run high. In the immediate aftermath, it’s so difficult to keep track of everything that needs to be done. Simple decisions become monumental, and even if they were crystal clear in their wishes, going through the necessary steps can feel like climbing a mountain. Planning a funeral and settling their estate are required tasks that can seem daunting.

Many funeral directors are ethical and only want to honor the deceased as best as possible. Unfortunately, some are unscrupulous and will take advantage of your suffering state. As much as you don’t want to think about this while grieving your loss, you should know your rights to make sure you’ll be treated fairly. 

The funeral rule will help you understand ways to save what may have been unknown to you. For example, did you know you can purchase a casket anywhere with caskets for sale even online? Keep reading to arm yourself with the knowledge to protect you from unethical practices.

A Brief Guide to the Funeral Rule

Essentially, the thing to keep in mind is that you cannot legally be pressured into additional goods or services that you don’t want or need. Only purchase what you need and nothing more. This means you don’t have to accept a funeral package that includes additional items you don’t want.

You also don’t have to purchase everything from the funeral home. You are free to buy things online, where you might find stuff for better prices than what the funeral home offers. For instance, caskets for sale online are often cheaper.

Lastly, and most importantly, remember that you cannot be lied to or have state and Federal laws misrepresented. It’s illegal for any funeral home to tell you that you must do something due to state law if that isn’t the case.

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Sounds Straightforward Let’s break It Down.

If you choose to purchase a casket online, the funeral home must accept it without charging additional fees or putting unreasonable delivery stipulations. This would look like a requirement that it show up between arbitrary hours, or a specific person who’s only available Thursday afternoons must sign for it. 

Funeral homes also can’t disparage caskets bought from a different source. This is untrue and illegal if they’re trashing online caskets for sale or telling you the cemetery won’t accept a casket unless you buy it from them. Ask for a written copy of the law if they’re using that as a reason.

If the casket size conforms to the state’s rules and regulations, it can be used. This can be verified with the company ahead of time to ensure you’re good to go. 

Recourse Options Against Unethical Funeral Directors

It’s great to know all of this, and presumably, the funeral director knows about it as well. While you’d hope they would act ethically and accept your decision to order some things elsewhere, maybe you’re getting some pushback, outright refusal to receive your shipment, or you’re being manipulated with statements like “federal regulations prevent us from using any casket we don’t provide ourselves.” What do you do now?

Most states have a regulating board or agency to regulate funeral directors. In addition, half of those states hold cemeteries. You should file a complaint with them if you’re being mistreated in this way.

If you believe you were subject to criminal activity, file a complaint with the state Attorney General or Department of Consumer affairs. They will investigate and do several things, including issuing a refund to you, fining the funeral director, requiring them to apologize, or requiring more training. If the funeral director is a recurrent offender, they can be placed on probation or revoked their license. 

You Can Easily Find Caskets for Sale Online, So Don’t Hesitate to Use That Option

Funeral arrangements are a burdensome but necessary expense when a loved one dies. Life insurance can help to pay for some things but may not sufficiently cover everything. You want to have the option as a consumer to save money where you can, which may include finding caskets for sale online. Don’t let anyone challenge your right to steer things your way.

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