How to Block Emails on iCloud

How to Block Emails on iCloud

How to Block Emails on iCloud

Once you have set up your email account on icloud, how do you stop receiving emails? There are many reasons why someone may want to block their email address. You may want to prevent the receipt of spam or unwanted messages from strangers. Perhaps you might need a break from work and don’t want any more notifications coming in. Whatever the reason is for blocking your iCloud email, it’s very easy.

This article will show you how in just three steps: How to block emails on icloud

You’re done! The email address you blocked will no longer receive any messages from your iCloud account. If you ever want to unblock it, just follow these same steps and delete the email address from the “Blocked Addresses” list. Easy breezy.

How to Block Emails on iPhone Using iCloud Mail

The process of blocking email addresses on iPhones that don’t use iCloud Mail is very similar to the steps mentioned above but slightly different in terms of locating where “Blocked Addresses” are stored.

And that, my friends, is how you block emails on an iOS device – iCloud or not! How To Block Emails On ICloud Mail.

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Blocking email addresses via “Settings >Mail” can be done in two different ways if you’re using an iCloud-based email account. If you’re not already logged into your iCloud Mail account, go ahead and do so now by inputting your Apple ID and password when prompted.

Once you have accessed the relevant settings screen, look for this: “Settings >Mail >Your Name’s Account >Blocked Addresses.”

From here, it’s just a matter of adding the email address(es) you want to block into the “Blocked Addresses” field and then tapping on the blue “Add” button.

A Complete tutorial about How to Block Emails on iCloud

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