Homeowners invest money in many home improvement projects. Some of these projects are a necessity while some are to enhance luxury. An important home improvement project that often remains at the top of homeowners’ priority is exterior hardscaping like decks and patios. With the increasing trend of improving outdoor space, deck and patio construction have become popular. This is the area of your house where you can relax, entertain, and spend your leisure time with your loved ones. Adding a deck or patio can be a great decision but most homeowners lack the skills needed to complete this project. And for this reason, hiring an experienced contractor becomes necessary. However, hiring a general contractor for this type of outdoor project isn’t the best thing to do.

Why Hire Deck or Patio Contractor?

There is a reason to find specialists for building decks and patios. Over the years, deck design and patio construction have changed dramatically. New designs, advanced technologies and better products are available these days. General contractors don’t focus primarily on decks, patios, or porches. It means that they possibly don’t stay updated with the latest design trends and might not have specialized skills. Deck and patio construction specialists can offer you a variety of designs and excellent solutions that meet the current building code requirements. Now a question arises, how to distinguish a deck construction specialist from a general contractor? Let’s find out!

How to Choose a Deck or Patio Builder

When looking for a professional deck or patio builder, you need to consider some factors such as:

  1. Search Online

You can get referrals from friends but make sure to look for the best deck contractors in your area online. The internet provides good details of professionals specializing in different services. You can check the website of the contractor to find out details like licensing, specialization, past projects, testimonials, and other information. You can also check their reviews to make sure the contractor has a good reputation among their past clients.

  • Conduct Phone Interviews

Make a list of contractors offering only deck, patio, and other related services. General contractors offering home renovation, kitchen remodel, or basement renovation services should be avoided. Once you shortlist specialists, move further to dig deeper into the vetting process. Call each contractor to conduct phone interviews. Make sure to explain your project and ask the right questions such as their years of experience in similar projects, the time needed to complete the job, do they have liability insurance, how many workers they have, and other relevant questions.

  • Meet Shortlisted Contractors

The phone interview can help in narrowing down your list. You can have 3-4 shortlisted contractors who are licensed and specialize in the deck, patio, porch, and sunroom construction. Now, it’s time to meet these contractors and further discuss your project and ideas in detail. You can visit their office or the contractor can offer to visit your site to provide a more detailed project plan. After discussing the project, you need to get the project estimate and compare the prices. It’s normal to avoid contractors asking exorbitant prices but make the final decision after considering all factors and not price alone.

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