Finding a real estate investor who is in a ready state of purchasing a property is not as easy as finding someone to buy a low-priced product.

As you know that real estate involves making a financial decision that often needs proper deliberation, the customer journey is often long.

As a property seller, there are many options that you can use to get real estate investors. These options could be:

  1. a) online Search: In this category, you use online channels like your personal website, your social media channels, or search engine advertising channels. These channels tend to offer targeting options of specific demographic groups.
  2. b) Offline Search: there are more old-school tactics, however, it has stood the test of time and still generates quality leads of real estate investors at the least cost as compared to the online search. Some of these tactics include;
  3. Real estate Investor clubs: In every country, there is often some real estate investment organization that brings together investors. It is where investors meet and share their views concerning the real estate industry.
  4. Meetup forums: In every city, there is usually a small group of people who are connected because they have the same interest. If you check out from your friends, you won’t miss real estate investors groups. You can sign up with them as you connect further, you will find people who are interested in new projects.
  5. Investor clubs: 

These are clubs that are not strictly for real estate but rather a forum where any investor can join and participate through contributing or sharing ideas. You have a chance as well to share your expert view if you are a real estate broker or agent without directly selling your property.

  1. Chamber of commerce meetings: In every country and city, there are usually chambers of business where business communities come together and showcase their products or services. They often organize meetings and events regularly. As a property seller, you get a chance to connect with potential investors.
  2. Guru Networks: 

There are some educational organizations that teach real estate investors about real estate businesses. They often organize, webinars, boot camps, and seminars where investors get a chance to connect with their peers in the industry.

  1. Brokers and agents: Real estate dealers often have regular interaction with investors of different walks of lives. Most of these brokers and agents have a good network and they can refer you to some of their top clients’ investors if you have a good relation with them. So you need to nurture good relationships with these investors.
  2. Local professionals: 

Real estate lawyers, property management agencies, people working in title search institutions tend to have good referral contacts. Ask them to give you some referral and you will be surprised on the kind of clients you will get.

  1. Start your own platform: There is the most effective and proven way to build a personal brand. Instead of looking for referrals and begging people to offer you referral contacts. You create a platform where you bring together leading real estate investors and leading industry experts that can offer tips and pieces of advice to the investors.

When you do this, you will have investors coming to you instead of you going to them.

One of the real estate companies that have implanted this strategy is Username Investment Limited. They have created a platform where the CEO shares real estate tips and guides to investors through their social media channels.


Regardless of the property size or type, you are selling; the above-mentioned tips work at all times. If you are looking for an aggressive and sustainable way of looking for quality leads of real estate investors, then those tips will offer you the best starting point as you advance deeper in lead generation for real estate properties.

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