Moving across borders can be exciting, as well as exhausting and needing Tax Attorney. People move to different countries in search of better job opportunities and to start a fresh life. It can be refreshing to experience a different culture, meet new people, and live your dream life. However, moving to another country is not an easy task. With time you can adjust to the new culture and adopt a new lifestyle but what about your finances? Dealing with cross-border finances is the most complex task for Canadians moving to the U.S. or Americans moving to Canada. One of the biggest issues faced by people working or investing across borders is paying taxes in both countries.

The U.S. and Canadian taxpayers with income, accounts, and assets in both countries need a way to navigate the taxation guidelines in order to avoid paying double taxes.

Hiring Tax attorney is important

Tax Attorney
Legal Counsel

To deal with cross-border tax issues and stay compliant, it is important to find an experienced cross-border tax attorney. Only professionals specializing in cross-border tax issues understand the tax laws of USA and Canada and can formulate an effective cross-border tax and a financial plan. A qualified cross-border tax attorney can take care of your income tax and estate planning, as well as wealth management.

However, not all tax planning professionals are the same. When looking for a tax attorney, you need to find an expert specializing in cross-border taxation. It is important to find a competent attorney who will work in your best interest. To ensure that you’re hiring the right professional, here are some tips to help you find a reliable cross-border tax attorney.

Credentials & Experience

Several financial planning firms claim to offer cross-border tax planning services. However, even if a firm or attorney has a certain credential, it doesn’t guarantee their expertise in cross-border financial issues. When searching for cross border legal help, start by checking the licensing or registration to ensure that the firm is licensed in both countries. You need to find a specialist by checking their level of experience in cross-border taxation issues. Make sure the professional has education and experience to assist cross-border clientele. Instead of finding separate financial consultants in both countries, hire cross-border tax experts with expertise in dealing with the US and Canadian tax laws who will come up with strategies minimizing your tax obligations.

Services Offered

As more and more people are moving across borders, it has become crucial for them to effectively plan their global tax obligations. Non-US citizens moving to the United States or Americans moving to Canada can be subject to double taxation. To avoid this, find a tax advisor who offers relevant services and possesses knowledge of the local tax system.

When it comes to preparing an effective tax plan, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. Talk to the tax attorneys and make sure they can prepare an effective tax plan. The tax planning attorney should have complete knowledge of each country’s tax laws, as well as expertise in providing other related services such as international and domestic corporate planning, expatriation, estate planning, and more.

Cross-Border Team

When it comes to International Tax and Cross-Border Tax planning, US tax filing can be challenging. Any tax attorney can have credentials, but you need to find out their knowledge of international taxation laws. The U.S. and Canadian tax laws keep changing and the attorney should stay up-to-date with the recent changes. Talk to the attorney to understand if they can provide the ongoing cross-border or expat financial, tax, and estate planning services. It is best to find an international and domestic tax planning firm with qualified attorneys who understand both Canadian and American tax laws.

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