There are millions of brick-and-mortar and e-commerce stores in the market, all of them vying for the same customers’ attention. Your brands need to set themselves apart from the rest of your competitors to be successful in the long term. Standing out in the market is not a big deal with custom packaging boxes that can be leveraged to promote your business. Going with an ordinary cardboard box would not do any trick in this aspect. It affects your efforts towards better customer engagement and provides an impersonal experience. Let us understand a few handy tips concerning how the custom packages can prove beneficial in the elevation of your brand. 

Consistent color schemes:

The parent color theme of your company can immediately act as a source of your identification in the market. Use your signature color every time you are designing the custom box packaging to create consistency. It is a very smart move that creates a cohesive experience from the beginning to the last. When you think of Dairy Milk, probably a blue color comes into your mind that defines their brand. They consistently use this signature color in their packaging to leverage their instant recognition. Coca-Cola is another excellent example in this aspect. It utilizes a red color theme to bring excitement among the customers and create recognition. If you are not sure about your signature color, try to understand what your business stands for. After understanding that, you can easily pick up your brand color that reflects your personality. 

Holiday-based designs:

Custom product packaging can become rote after a while if its design is kept unchanged. It presents a great set of challenges for you as the customers would be discouraged from realizing your marketing efforts. The best approach is to add a bit of excitement by designing your custom packages around the holidays. Holidays are known for bringing a spark of joy for the people, so the responsiveness of people towards your company is guaranteed. They present a brilliant opportunity for you to get rid of your traditional color themes. You can go for newer and energetic colors or introduce event-based design elements to look distinct and unique. All you need to do is to make sure that you do not get carried away because everything needs to feel cohesive. 

Incorporate brand values:

Perhaps, the finest way to promote your business is by designing custom box packaging with brand values in your mind. Take your time and think about what are the values your business believes in providing. If your organization values humor, try something witty or funny into your box design. In case you feel inspired, you can think of adding a nice quote or personal message inside the box. Try to communicate your values in the form of pictures or patterns rather than text. Information in the form of text is difficult to grasp at times, while the visual details always stick to the mind. The box design reflecting your business values and principles makes you popular among a wider pool of shoppers. 

Extend your presence:

As a retail business, you would have your own website and digital presence. For the best possible results, think of custom product packaging as an extension of your website and digital presence. The target audience is able to identify you only if there is cohesion from one platform to the other. Understand properly what design elements or color themes you use on social media and also consider the ambiance of your store. Try to add these slight consistencies into the design of the custom packages. These consistencies can enable potential clients to realize immediately that it is your brand with the same quirky designs. A fine example in this regard is the printing of your social media URLs on the packages. They make the targeted customers curious to find more about you by following you on social media platforms. 

Cater to the expectations:

It is extremely pertinent for you to find out where your customers are in the sales funnel. You should also understand what they already know about you and what their expectations are. If some clients have previously purchased a product from you, they probably know more about you. However, the visitors coming for the first time do not probably know anything about you. If the general audience already recognizes you, do not get into the details like who you are and what you offer. Rather, use the space on custom packages wisely by telling your story and sharing a brilliant message. Also, consider what potential clients are expecting from a design perspective and make sure you cater to their anticipations. Such an effort pays off in terms of providing a memorable experience to the people that also get shared with others. 


Little extras:

Giving some freebies to the customers is synonymous with their appreciation that never goes unnoticed. In fact, these value-added benefits to the customers create goodwill for a company. Add some random gifts into your custom packages that are difficult to resist. Some personalized cards carrying a beautiful message of love or saying thank you are seen as welcoming as well. Likewise, you can go for adding some coupon codes that never fail to surprise and always attract customers’ attention. These little extras could be the reason for your brand to get shared online in the form of pictures and videos. 

Custom packaging boxes serve two purposes effectively, i.e., product protection and provision of marketing opportunities. Induction of various branding components like logo and story into the design of these packages can help you share your branding with customers. Sending small appreciations in the form of gifts and indicating your social media presence also prove useful in amplifying your brand’s reach. 

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