The how to take screenshot in samsung m31 is not that difficult. You can find many guides on how to do it online, but the easiest way is through your phone settings. The process there involves three simple steps:

(1) Set up how you want your screenshot save.

(2) Press and hold down the power button and volume down at the same time for about two seconds.

(3) Release both buttons once you see “saving screen” pop up on your screen.

The how to take screenshot in samsung m31 you have created will immediately appear within your phone gallery.

Complete Guide Video

The power of your Side Keys is in the palm of both hands. Hold down for a second and you’ll get an instant screenshot!

The key to taking perfect screenshots may not lie with one button, but two at once can really give an edge when navigating through screens or multitasking without interrupting what’s happening onscreen like saving important information before it disappears forever because we couldn’t be bothered paying attention any longer don’t worry; there are other ways. Here I will teach you how quickly capture parts that interest me while browsing different apps by using these tricks.

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