Being featured in a variety of Bollywood television and film productions and TV shows, Lonavala is the hill station that is the sister located in Khandala, Lonavala is a stunning hill station situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra that is set in breath-taking green valleys. Beautiful velvet meadows, gentle drizzles, cool weather and stunning views around are just a few of the highlights of this stunning hill station.
Its stunning beauty is the reason Lonavala is a destination that draws tourists from all kinds, not just from all over the state but throughout the nation. If you’re an avid nature enthusiast or adrenaline junkie the mountain town of Lonavala will make you awestruck with its incredible beauty and exciting activities you can take part in. If you are wondering when is the ideal moment to go to Lonavala is during monsoons that the beauty of this area is at its best.
One of the things that make the perfect vacation is a pleasant stay. It is also true that Lonavala is renowned for its luxurious hotels that will ensure your stay is pleasant, regardless of whether you are with family, friends or on your own.
We will let you know about the top accommodation options in Lonavala in any order, so you know where to stay when you arrive.

  1. Meritas Picaddle Resort
    In the tranquil valley Sahyadri and situated in the Deccan Plateau, Meritas Picaddle Resort is among the top resorts located in Lonavala. Famous for its luxury and elegance, this 5-star resort is the perfect spot for those seeking an intimate getaway and corporate or conference events or family outings as well as celebrations.
    Catering to the needs of guests and tourists of all ages The primary goal for the hotel is to offer guests with a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. In terms of facilities, this magnificent resort offers everything needed to make guests’ stay pleasant and memorable. The most notable features of the resort are luxurious rooms, entertainment, minibars and coffee makers as well as an outdoor pool, spa fitness center, gym, and delicious meals. It is conveniently located just a few minutes’ drive to Lonavala train station The resort is accessible.
  2. Treasure Island Resort
    Inspiring itself from RL Stevenson’s famous adventure novel which was published at the time of 1883. Treasure Island Resort is one of the most ideal locations to stay within Lonavala ideal for solo travelers as well as businesspeople and families too. It is situated on more than seven acres of land; this gorgeous resort is just just a few minutes’ drive just a few minutes away Karla Caves and Celebrity Wax Museum. Awe-inspiring views of mountains, beautiful surroundings and lush green lawns make it much more relaxing at this resort.
    When it comes to the facilities and amenities of this amazing resort, it is equipped with everything needed to ensure guests an enjoyable stay. From the variety of accommodation that include suites luxury rooms, lagoon villas luxury rooms, and rooms for economy to the mouth-watering food which is served and everything is of the highest quality. In addition, the hotel is equipped with a gym and fitness centre, as well as sauna and steam rooms as well as a game room. It also has a place of outdoor activities, and well-equipped banquet halls that are perfect for weddings and conferences in the destination area and other similar events.
  3. Lagoona Resort
    There are many excellent resorts of which there are a few Lonavala, Lagoona Resort holds an enviable reputation for surpassing the expectations of guests. It is renowned for its hospitality. this resort is among of many eco-friendly hotels located in Lonavala.
    The luxurious rooms in the resort are carefully created to meet the requirements of travelers of all kinds. With panoramic panoramas of the surrounding valley, this resort offers a peaceful retreat for those looking to enjoy the peace of a setting situated in the middle of nature. When it comes to facilities, the resort offers everything needed to ensure guests the most comfortable and enjoyable stay.
  4. Della Resorts
    Set on a vast surface of fifty acres Della Resorts comprises of six resorts, and is well-known for its extraordinary hospitality. The vast property overlooks Sahyadri Mountains and has serene and beautiful surroundings that will set the right mood for relaxing in peace and among the most luxurious of. It is a stunning blend of luxury, design and modern styling The hotel is the most luxurious accommodation in Lonavala for families, couples and corporate groups to host diverse occasions.
    One of the major highlights of expensive Lonavala tours The resort is loved for its amenities and setting that will ensure to leave you awestruck. You can select from many different and distinctive alternatives for accommodation such as luxury hotel rooms, the camp Della resort, Enclave villa retreat, adventure resort and more. When we talk about some notable aspects of the resort, it features six multi-cuisine eateries and 10 banquets in the indoor area, 18 pools for villas, six bar lounges, three swimming pools, a 1000 pax amphitheatre 24-hour fitness and spa center, the largest adventure parks with more than 70 activities and so on. In addition, things, what distinguishes this resort from the rest is that it’s pet-friendly and it is listed as one of the top accommodations located in Lonavala for families who want to bring their pets with their pet.
  5. Rhythm Resort
    In the midst of the breathtaking Sahyadri Mountains, Rhythm Resort is an all-suite hotel that offers the ultimate comfort and luxury for its guests in order to will have an unforgettable experience. It is among the top resorts in Lonavala and the epitome of class luxury, style, and luxury. It is built around a group of trees with a history of 70 years The resort offers the finest assortment consisting of 85 Cypress as well as Banyan Suites which are beautifully designed to provide peace and comfort.
    Regarding the features and amenities, this luxurious resort is well-known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere that includes delicious food, an all-day restaurant and cafe with a lagoon pool and spa, a separate pool for children, a lounge bar, and more. It is regarded as one of the top hotels in Lonavala for families, couples and business travelers, Rhythm Resort takes great satisfaction in providing its guests with.
  6. Sereniity Resort
    You’re looking for a private and tranquil escape in Lonavala? Sereniity Resort is calling you! For those who love nature this resort is the perfect option you can stay when in Lonavala. It is spread across an enormous land that is 1.5 acres of land, the location provides guests and tourists with an unwinding and peaceful stay.
    It is located just only a few minutes stroll from the breathtaking Tungarli Lake, this lovely resort is equipped with modern facilities and amenities that will allow guests who want to enjoy a relaxing stay. With a variety of lodging options, this charming resort isn’t only a place to go to enjoy a relaxing vacation, but also a sought-after venue for hosting events such as birthday celebrations or weddings corporate gatherings, weddings, and other events of this kind.
  7. The Machan Resort
    You’re looking for an offbeat place to stay at in Lonavala? Machan Resort Machan Resort is the place to go to. It was designed with a theme of the jungle; this stunning location is one of the most luxurious accommodations in Lonavala. With a stunning view of the forest of Jambolana this renowned Lonavala resort offers you the chance to spend your leisure time in the midst of nature.
    The hotel is lauded and recognized for its the quality of hospitality by critics, media, and even customers At Machan Resort Machan Resort, guests do not just get an accommodation, but an experience that lasts for a lifetime. You can enjoy a relaxing time in gorgeous tree houses that were thoughtfully designed with consideration to the natural environment and with various options for lodging that attract people from all different ages. The thing that sets this location above other 5-Star hotels located in Lonavala is its stunning natural setting which not only enhances the appeal of the place but also makes your stay enjoyable. Walking, bird watching and outdoor showers as well as nature hikes are just a few of the many activities you can take part in here.
    In addition to these locations, there are a variety of resorts close to Lonavala that are suitable for families and also for families. To ensure the most enjoyable experience, we recommend to reserve your accommodations prior to arrival to avoid issues in the future.
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