Toronto is an amazing city that offers new ways to experience art every single day.  Through its deeply multicultural background, Toronto has new performances in different styles that you couldn’t find anywhere else.  If you’re curious about what you can find here, these are some of the best parts of Toronto’s performing arts scene.

Outdoor Art Is A Must

Due in part to Covid-19 and also to a nationwide push to spend more time outside, many are learning to embrace the outdoor art scene.  In Toronto, outdoor performing arts are usually seen through music in the parks.  These performances are great spaces for local bands and singers to make their voices known and allow for the public to become familiar with them.  Famous groups like Metric and Austra got their start on Toronto’s summer stages.

Popups Are Always In Style

Popup performance art is a fun and quirky type of art that you can only find in cities.  Although they’re not as intrusive as the flash mobs popular in the early 2010s, they still seemingly appear out of nowhere.  These popup performances can range from musical acts to improve and even Shakesperian works.  Although these may seem random, most advertise online and on local fliers up to a week ahead of the show.  These performances make the city feel more magical and are wonderful to experience.

Virtual Performances Due to Lockdown

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has made performing publicly increasingly difficult. However, if you don’t want to leave your real estate in Toronto to go to a show, you can still catch one at home!  Some performances are being streamed, after the purchase of a ticket, for those who want to enjoy the magic at home.  Although this isn’t a true replacement for the feeling of getting to watch live performances in person, it can tide many over until we’re able to spend time in theaters together once more.

The Massive Theater Festival

When the country isn’t in the grips of a pandemic, the Toronto Theater Festival is one of the best places to see upcoming talent.  Performers from multiple disciplines can each have their spot in the sun, showing off their understanding of what people want to see and how to make them feel things from a performance on stage.  Although these can be a mixed bag, with some performers still learning how to be convincing, it’s a fun and exciting place to get to see the future stars of Canada showing off their skills.

Buskers Know What People Want

If you don’t have time to go to a performance, and you don’t want to watch one at home, you’re not alone!  Fortunately, you can still enjoy live performances nearly every day.  Street buskers can buy licenses to perform, and put on incredible shows for anyone who wants to watch.  Everything from fun singers, musicians who can play instruments like none other, to the classic mimes can all be seen showing off their skills.  As a general rule, if they’re good enough for you to stop and watch, you should tip them to support their passion

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