Cashmere is a rare luxurious yarn whose name is derived from the cashmere goats reared in regions like Pakistan, India, China, and Mongolia. These cashmere goats, with double fleece, are created to live in harsh climates. The double fibre comprises an outer layer (for protection against water) and an undercoat (for insulation).

Cashmere fabrics are incredibly soft, delicate, lightweight, and breathable, making them highly suitable for babies and kids. You can make several wears with cashmere wool, including socks, jumpers, sweaters, etc., but cashmere wears are pretty expensive. 

Benefits of Cashmere Fabrics for Kids:

  • Cashmere is 100% Natural: Cashmere is gotten from the undercoat of cashmere goats, making it a 100% natural fabric and a unique option for kids’ clothing. Wearing synthetic clothes made with undesirable chemicals on your child’s delicate skin is dangerous to your child’s health. Instead, use cashmere fabrics for your kid’s clothing, especially socks and beanies.
  • Cashmere is Gentle and Hypoallergenic: Cashmere fibres are super soft and feel lovely and gentle on the skin, making them perfect for socks. They are extensively finer than wool and are weaved tightly to create a soft, smooth texture that is not skin irritable. 

Cashmere also has hypoallergenic properties, meaning it has a low risk of causing skin allergies in babies. Cashmere garments are particularly suitable for babies suffering from eczema or skin allergies.

  • It Soothes and Promotes Sleep: Cashmere is among the softest fabrics for baby clothes. Its soft and smooth texture comforts and soothes babies and children. It also helps kids sleep longer and better due to its thermo-regulation and skin-friendly properties.
  • Cashmere Requires Low Maintenance: Cashmere possesses natural antibacterial attributes, meaning it’s self-cleaning and doesn’t require frequent washing. This property makes poop-stained diapers and clothes lose their odours on their own and rapidly. 

The fabric is also wrinkle-resistant and stain-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about ironing it or your kids messing up their clothes.

  • It Provides Maximum Warmth: Despite being incredibly lightweight, cashmere is three times warmer than ordinary sheep wool. The fabric feels exceptionally lush and snug against the skin. This property makes it the perfect winter wear for babies and children.

Babies under 18 months find it difficult to regulate their temperature, especially premature or tiny babies who quickly lose their temperature. Cashmere wears are the best for keeping kids warm at all times.

  • It is Highly Durable and Long-Lasting: You can bend and twist cashmere fibres over 30,000 times and not break them, unlike cotton, which turns only 3,000 times. Cashmere can withstand the wear and tear that occurs with active children. 

It is also proven that cashmere gets softer and cosier over time. Cashmere outfits can be passed down from child to child or given as gifts to families or friends expecting babies.

  • Cashmere has Fire-Resistant attributes: Cashmere possesses natural fire-resistant qualities and won’t melt when exposed to fire. Instead, it smokes and can self-extinguish once the fire is out.
  • It Offers Endless Comfort: Cashmere is luxuriously silky, soft, and plush, and it comes from a high loft yarn (with air within the fibres). Its lightweight property provides your kids with maximum comfort. Its springiness also gives the fabric an excellent elasticity, making it ideal for active babies who need easy movements.
  • Cashmere Regulates the Body’s Temperature: Cashmere outfits, like socks, bodysuits, etc., can keep your baby cool in summer and warm in winter. This property is due to the fabric’s excellent moisture content and versatility, allowing the materials to quickly adapt to your child’s body temperature.

Unlike synthetic fabrics that make you sweaty and hot, cashmere fabrics allow the skin to breathe and regulate its temperature. In simpler terms, cashmere provides excellent airflow and insulation simultaneously.


Cashmere, as a natural fibre, is an excellent choice for kids’ and babies’ clothing, including blankets, onesies, bodysuits, sweaters, socks, beanies, etc. They might be expensive, but they are worth your money to the last penny.

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