Joseph James who is famous by his stage name JOE ROGAN a RENOWNED commentator, podcaster, performer and a television performer. Joe Rogan was born in America on 11 of August, 1967. Joe Rogan’s biological father Joseph is a policeman. Joe Rogan’s biological parents separated at age of five, all joe remembers about his father was his domestic violence, on the good side Joe Rogan has mentioned that it never affected him and he does not hate his father.

After his parents had separated they departed to California and at the age of eleven Joe Rogan’s family again moved to Florida, where he completed his education from South High School. 


He has total assets worth of one hundred million stand-up comedian, performer, karate expert, commentator, moreover, runs a podcast. Joe rose to prominence as a part of the cast of the series “News Radio.” Jeo hosted “The Man Show” on a famous channel and reality show “Fear Factor.” He is now the host of one of a famous plus influential podcast all over the world, and a commentator.

He earned $5 million per year from the show in 2017, according to our estimates. Joe was rumored to be earning $20 million annually from the podcast between sponsor readings and other sources of money just before securing a major exclusive agreement with Spotify in May 2020.

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It’s also worth noting that Joe’s podcast was simply one of his numerous ways of income. Joe Rogan performs stand-up events across the country for which he charges a good amount and is an official commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Between 2001 and 2006, he made a huge sum of money from hosting the t.v show “Fear Factor.”


While she served cocktails in Los Angeles in 2001, Rogan met Jessica. They began dating soon after and were married after an eight-year relationship. Rogan and Ditzel exchanged their wedding vows in 2009, soon after they had their first child in 2008. 

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Rogan doesn’t divulge much about his personal life, although he did mention in an episode that he and her fiancé had three children: Kavia, 24, whom he formally adopted after marrying Jessica, and Lola, 13, and Rosy, 11 years old. Joe Rogan and his family originally resided in California, but in the summer of 2020, Rogan relocated his podcast studio to Austin, Texas. Rogan doesn’t talk about his children on social media.


Joe struck a multi-year licensing contract with Spotify on May 19, 2020. Spotify became the official home for Rogan’s audio track and video as part of the partnership. Joe’s old programmers were also taken down from other platforms. The deal’s terms were not revealed. This was not meant to be a purchase. In comparison, Spotify paid around190 million dollar advance and 50 million dollar annually in ongoing content borne for a famous person podcast network that is substantially less than Rogan’s, just a month ago.


Joe Rogan moved to California in 1994 where he accommodated his first national television position and a comedy show as well this was the point where he showed his true abilities for which he had very previously. Apart from this he is also the author of four spectacular books. Later Joe Rogan started working for Ultimate Fighting Championship [UFC]. His first interview was at UFC 12. Later Rogan became friends with ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP [UFC] new president and Joe Rogan was offered a job as a commentator and in 2002 the new president of UFC was able to hire Rogan for nothing but with just an exchange of 15 tickets for him and his friends for an upcoming event. Later on Rogan agreed to get paid for his job and he won the award twice.

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Joe Rogan launched his podcast in December 2009, the first episode of his podcast was captured on 24th of December with Joe and one of his friend, Later on he changed the name of his podcast and in his podcast several different views were discussed, just an example current topics, situation across the world and numerous other topics.

Joe Rogan’s Earnings

Rogan bought a home of 5 million dollars in California, he also bought another house of around two million dollars in the same area in California as he called it his hometown. Later on he departed to Texas where he bought another house of around fifteen million dollars. Other than that he also has a luxurious lifestyle which is supported by his fanatic cars which includes Mercedes, BMW and several other top brands.


This article is a detailed review about Joe Rogan. This includes about his career life style, personal life and several other interesting things about him for which is loved by his fans.

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