This weather is scorching! And keeping cool in the summer isn’t simply about upping your power bill by cooling out in the air conditioning. The expense of your convenience should never have an outrageously detrimental effect on the environment, so make sure you’re doing your bit to be sustainable. To ensure the survival and prosperity of succeeding generations, we must quickly shift our focus to a healthy world where people and wildlife can coexist in a nurturing environment. This entails protecting biodiversity and reducing humanity’s influence on natural areas — beginning right now. Here are a few ways to help you combat the sweltering heat in an environmentally sustainable manner: 

1)Window for Rescue 

Understanding how to use your windows effectively is an excellent method to keep your home pleasant. First and foremost, ensure that your drapes aid in temperature regulation. Insulating curtains will enhance your home’s temperature in both summer and winter by letting warm air out in the summertime and warm air in during the wintertime. If you have a window air conditioning system, understand that air conditioners with a higher EER grade are more powerful, so consider upgrading to a better system. Make sure any holes or fissures surrounding the AC unit are also sealed to prevent cold air from escaping. Kushal Dev Rathi

  1. Insulate Your Residence 

Proper insulation, notably if your home or building is older, will help retain the cool air within. The most vital part of adequate insulation is preventing air from escaping around your vents, hinges, and other cracks. This is a common cause of poor heating in the winter and poor cooling in the warmer months. 

3) Grow Greens 

Staying cool in the summer can be made easier (or more difficult) with the right landscaping. You’re exposed to a lot of direct sunlight if you don’t have much natural shade around your house during the hottest times of the day. Shades can be provided to your house by trees, especially if they are planted on the southern and western sides. Furthermore, trees are good for the environment, offsetting some of the carbon dioxide generated by your air-conditioned.

4) Avoid Using Hot Appliances

Heating a house can be exacerbated by electronics. Therefore, you should minimize their use to reach your goal. The best time to use the system is in the afternoon or the evening

when it is cooler. It includes:

  • Machine for washing clothes
  • Hot iron
  • Stove
  • Dishwasher
  • Hairdryer
  • Hair curlers
  • Strengtheners for hair

5)Bear with Your Body 

It is your body’s cooling zones that help to reduce your body’s temperature much faster than, say, an ice compress on your forehead. For faster relief place cold packs and wet bandanas on your neck and wrists.

Try implementing these tips and reduce your environmental impact.

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