From small businesses to large industries, covid has made an impact on every business. It has spared nobody, and every company is facing its crisis. But, among all these businesses, catering companies are suffering the most. Catering companies are usually hired to organize, provide and serve extensive events. Their main revenue comes from these large events, and so they work their best for this. For that, they have to plan months or sometimes even a year before.

But, due to this Covid which might last for an unknown time, catering companies seemingly lost their already made reservations. It happened on March 13th all of sudden, and in an instant companies hit bottom. Cancellations didn’t seem to know an end. There is no doubt, that LA Catering companies have had a devastating effect because of Covid. It’s been hard for owners to take care of their employees, and some even lost them. Because the only option employees had was flipping on a dime. Some of the companies were able to allow paychecks for their employees but most of them weren’t lucky enough.

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According to owners of LA Catering companies, they have not only completely lost their revenue, but they also had to pay back the deposits made by clients. Paying back deposits meant that companies lost their savings along with the revenue. Since March 13th, LA Catering companies are struggling with Covid and finding ways to adjust and cope with the new Covid world. They have made changes in their material, cooking, and how they serve. Here are few steps LA catering companies have made:

  • Individualized Packaging

Soon after people began to organize small socially distant family parties, LA catering companies introduced Individualized packaging for everyone’s safety. Buffets were bid goodbye until the Covid goes away.

  • Gears for everyone in the staff

PPE gears were made essential as a safety precaution. Mask, gloves, and face shields are used from cooking till serving for every event organized.

  • Disposable Serveware

Catering companies have stopped using regular reusable cutlery and switched to disposable packaging. Clients too seemed to be more satisfied with the service. Compostable cups and other disposable products are used for dining. It cost an extra budget for catering services.

But the question that still remains is how has this new reality been for catering services? The real answer is, regardless of how catering companies are starting to cope with the loss finally, they still are struggling because of Covid. There is less revenue and more production cost. Owners of catering businesses have no financial certainty to rely upon. But it doesn’t end here.

Not only did the collapse affect the owners but it also made an impact on wait staff and on those people who worked on events part time. It is important to mention that even though, a few catering companies have closed down. For most LA catering companies, there seems to be no option as such closing it until Covid goes away, despite the struggle they have to go through. They are motivated and are learning new ways and exploring new ideas to be able to continue.

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