In the current pandemic scenario, the surge is seen in most of the insurance policies as people are getting more worried to pay huge expenses out of their pocket for maintaining health conditions. Investing in a health insurance policy means paying a sum of the premium and getting covered the risk of all medical expenses such as treatment costs, ambulance charges, lab expenses, hospitalization, and so on. The market for health insurance is very huge leaving an individual in a state of dilemma. To meet the individual and family needs it is important to check for an insurance company that has genuine claim settlement ratio of health insurance companies. The CSR is the percentage of claims which have been settled by the insurance company. These are the most critical factors to be checked by the insured while making the selection for an insurance company. The IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) annually publishes the insurance claim ratio at the beginning of every year.

Thus, for every individual the CRS matters the most while choosing a particular health insurance plan. 

In order to make the process of purchasing a health plan for the individual, himself and his family, there are some documents that are required to be acquainted for smooth processing. In this article, let us discuss some of the important detailed list of documents which are required for a health claim-

  • Age proof- Every potential investor is required to compile proof of his/her age for purchasing a health plan. It is important as the premium amount is calculated on the basis of age. Different health insurance policies have varied age requirement for which voter ID, Aadhaar card, passport, driving license and PAN card is mandatory. 
  • Identity proof- In order to establish the identity of the insured a valid identity proof is also required. The applicants can submit any valid ID proof like Aadhaar card, passport, voter ID or driving license to avail the health insurance certificate.
  • Address proof- In order to stay in contact with the insured, the insurer needs a valid address proof. Frequent communications are sent by post to the insured address for reminders and updates of health premium. Thus, driving license, PAN card, Utility bills or telephone bills, ration card or a rent agreement can do the needful.
  • Passport size photographs- A few numbers of passport size photographs are also required to be attached in the health insurance certificate and other forms filled during the completion of insurance purchase process.
  • Proposal forms- A duly filled and signed proposal form of the varied insurance companies is to be attached with the documents discussed above.

These documents in hand will make the process of getting the right health insurance for an individual or his family easily. But these are only used at the time of purchase. 

There are some documents that need to be kept ready with the insured at the time of settlement of claims-

  • Claim form
  • Medical certificate attested by the hospital authority.
  • Discharge summary of the patient (original)
  • Cash invoices if any from the hospital and pharmacies.
  • Laboratory reports and other X-rays and Ultrasounds.
  • In case of an accident- a valid copy of FIR or MLC (Medico-Legal Certificate) is attached.

Entitlement to insurance claims is subject to submission of the above-mentioned papers. For those who don’t have an insurance policy yet, get ready with the documents mentioned above and find a reliable insurance company and make a purchase. The benefits of having a good health insurance policy are many-

  • Threat of rising medical costs– With the increases in the number of diseases and medical problems, one must have an insurance policy to meet the unexpected costs of expenses coming unseen in the future.
  • Cashless treatment– Most of the big insurance companies have a long list of hospitals in their list to provide the benefit of cashless treatment. By simply flashing the health insurance card at the hospital can allow the best treatment to the medical problem. And for those hospitals that are not on the list, claims can be reimbursed later by filling in all the documents.
  • Tax benefits- Another reason to have health insurance is to get the tax benefit of premium amount under Section 80D of the income tax act. 
  • Peace of mind- In the time of medical emergencies, the health insurance cover can act as a wonder saving huge expenses. Getting an insurance risk cover for health can keep busy people free of mind at least in one point.

Health insurance is now a necessity. Go with Care Insurance for their crafted insurance policies that duly take proper care of hospitalization and treatment expenses to lessen the burden on the pocket in case of emergencies. All their policies are distinct and make them equally beneficial for different individuals. Their team of experts is always ready to explain in detail about the policies they serve. Get in touch and save your family from unexpected diseases and mishappenings. 

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