How to choose the right belt for you?

A perfect belt completes the look. It puts the outfit together and brings out the best in your look. From the abundance of leather belts option available, it is essential to put thought and precision into the one that will suit you the best. This article is dedicated to making your search easier and more inclined towards your requirements.

Leather belts
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Types of belt

The two kinds of belts most famous across the selling market- casual and formal.

Leather formal belts give a sophisticated look to your attire. It is the one that you will wear to your office, an important presentation or your wedding day.

Formal belts highlight sincerity and professionalism. Formal belts are not all that different from each other except in factors like buckle shape, nature, and the general width of the belt. Cowhide is the most commonly used material in making leather belts. It comes in the full-grain leather form which is the most demanded.

Leather casual belts are the ones that you can carry along with a light or not-so-serious outfit. For an in-house party or meeting friends for a get-together, you can rely on high-quality casual leather belts. Casual belts have a large variation in color, buckle nature, the extra grain size and design on the surface of the belt, and the uniqueness of fine leather. Leather is often molded into contrasting colors for the manufacture of casual leather belts.


What to keep in mind before choosing a belt?

Color of the belt: Leather belts are available in a huge variety of colors. Choose the color that compliments your outfit. The belt should be such that it is in contrast with the outfit that you put together. Experiment with the type of belts and colors and try new shades. However, keep a pair of belts that are neutral as they will compliment any look to the whole.

The buckle type: The most vital thing is to see if you want a small buckle or a comparatively bigger buckle. The size and details on the buckle may increase the weight of the belt. There are buckles of all kinds, snap buckle, double ring, and auto-lock. Depending upon feasibility in usage and your personal choice, you can choose from the extensive range of buckles available.

Size of the belt: the most prominent way to accurately determine the size of the belt is to compare belts. Visit an offline store and run your eyes everywhere. Collect a sample of belts and put them against your waist to determine the correct size for yourself.

One additional tip is you should try to go for a wider belt for casuals and a narrower belt for formals pairing the color of your belt with your shoes to make them look even more synchronized. You can access all kinds of best sizes up to 1.7m.


Why leather belts?

Leather is unique and authentic. Leather belts are strong, durable, and have value for money. Cheap quality belts may be less expensive, but they are vulnerable to cuts, bends, and irregular stitching. This is because cheaper belts are made of cardboard and plastic.

Leather belts, on the other hand, are made of pure leather. Leather belts highlight the stitching and embossing on the surface throughout the length. Leather belts are appealing, and they have never gone out of trend.

Leather belts not only fit well with casual clothing but also with formal clothing, imparting to the outfit whatever it needs to look complete and well put together.  Leather belts can never go wrong. The amount of quality that leather dictates into unique leather belts is unparalleled.

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