The skilled American basketball player, LiAngelo Ball was born on the 24th of November, 1998. His position during the play is at the shooting guard. He was born to LaVar and Tina. Both were famous football players of their time at college. His father opted for basketball as a profession, he played for the London Monarchs. Ever since his early years, he used to play with opponents who were older in age. As a matter of fact, in kindergarten, he used to play against fourth and fifth graders. 

At just the age of four, he started working out. At just six years of age he had his first competition which was with Lonza and Lamella, his two brothers who had played with him since the beginning. Ball started playing “flag football” at the age of seven with his brothers, during his youth he continued playing basketball alongside his brothers in a team whose foundation was laid by their father and the training teachers were both the parents. This was Big Ballers VXT, it was an U-17 team. 

Liangelo Ball Team
Liangelo Ball Team

Liangelo Ball EARLY YEARS:

At school, Ball continued his passion for basketball for around a period of more than 40 months at his school. As a sophomore, Ball had initiated his play with Lonza, one of his was because of Ball that made Chino Hills achieve a position as its first CIF (SSODC) Southern Section Open Division Championship contest ever since it’s beginning. The district had lost during overtime against the Centennial High School at the Regional Division One finale.

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He had to go through a foot injury, thus wasn’t able to play a role throughout the season and had skipped a match in 2014 at Fairfax High School. On the 14th of Sept., he had successfully scored 35 points along with 7 three-pointers to gain victory at “Ron Massey Memorial Fall Hoops Classic”. It was 2014, the month of December, when he was successful in scoring a great score against Dorsey High. When the season concluded, he couldn’t play some of these games due to an injury on the ankle but was victorious in making his return for the playoffs.

During his high-school years, Ball continued playing with his brothers. As a starter, Ball aggregated around 27.4 points in each game, which was the main reason behind his team coming out victorious. His team ended the game 35–0, with the opponents scoring nothing and was titled by MaxPreps to be the “mythical national champion”. It is he who had declared their play and run to be “perhaps the best brother act in high school basketball history”. 

Not only this but he also had an aggregate of 33.8 points in each game, ruling California in basketball.

After leaving UCLA, he had plotted to draft in the 2018 National Basketball Association (NBA), though he was not considered a prospect at that time. It was on 11th December in 2017, that he had come to an agreement with Priene of LKL and did this alongside his brother. This act was quite famous and got great coverage by the Sports media of America. 


When starting his professional career, on the 13th of January 2018, he wasn’t at his optimum and made and received a boost on the 11th of February, when he scored 13 points in a ferocious match against Siauliai in 97–95 win. On the 25th of March, he gave up a huge twenty-eight points coupled with 6, 3-pointers in a victory against Nevezis. During the late march, 2018, he had declared that he will also be playing as a member of the 2018 NBA, despite the fact that most of the reviewers were adamant on the idea that he was a long shot to be chosen.

Los Angeles’ Ballers of 2018:

On July 9, 2018, Ball had started up with the Los Angeles Ballers of the “Junior Basketball Association”, a league established by his dad as an alternative to college basketball. 

Greensboro Swarm (2021–present) In July 2019, Ball had to go through surgery for a petrifying injury on the ankle and missed the season of the NBA Summer League. On the 9TH of March, 2020, he signed with the Blue. The team was able to play merely a single game, in which Ball did not play, as the remaining season was called off because of the global pandemic.

On the 2nd of December, 2020, Ball was agreed to a professional skill-program and contracted with the Detroit Pistons. On December 13, the same year, he was relinquished without having a chance to play in a warm-up game. On the 23rd of October, 2021, he was chosen to be the Greensboro Swarm. He had successfully scored around 22 points in his G League in his launching first ever match that he played strenuously.

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