Weddings are the most awaited and amazing occasions in one’s life. Everyone wants to feel special, extraordinary and delighted about this peculiar event. People exchange beautiful gifts, ideas, and thoughts to make the celebration of their special outstanding. There could be multiple ways by which people can make their loved ones feel special. For this purpose, people think of different ideas and find difficulty in selecting a classy gift.

The wedding gift should be special, modern, and useful in our day-to-day life. In this regard, the idea of premium cigars as wedding gifts is a very unique and marvelous one. In this modern age, grooms, as well as brides, would like cigars as wedding gifts. This might help to provide a guide to choose cigars as gifts for wedding occasions.

How to buy cigars for wedding gifts?

Cigars as wedding gifts are becoming a rising demand among people. Selection and buying of cigars as a wedding gift are the major tasks to make the event unforgettable. To make the wedding event magnificent, one must buy cigars wisely. Buying cigars for the wedding could be a difficult task as one has to consider multiple qualities of cigars including combustibility of cigars, thickness, smoothness, length, flavor, texture, and above all affordability.

In the selection of cigars, the chemical composition of cigars matters a lot along with physical properties. Most of the cigars are made from tobacco leaves that provide the required humidity and moistness to cigars. The cigar-selling brands are considered best that provide cigars that burn slowly with time and their flavor and aroma give you a relaxed feeling. The cigars are available in all ranges budgeted to moderate and top-shelf cigars that can be selected depending upon the customer’s choice and budget. You can buy cigars of different brands that are available at affordable prices and these cigars must be bought just before the wedding.

If you have a humidor you can buy these cigars some days before the wedding because the cigars must be kept moist and warm to keep them fresh and to enjoy their perfect smoke. Approximately the humidity of the cigars must be maintained up to 73% to give a good smoke to your guests otherwise the idea of cigar gifts at the wedding will get flop and all your effort and money will be wasted. The success of your wedding event depends upon the type of cigars that you pick for the bride, groom, and other guests.

The strength of the cigars should be mild to medium and these should not be too strong that can affect the health and mental condition of the guests at the wedding. The cigars with very strong flavor will make the minds of your guests shaky and unconscious and eventually they will not be able to enjoy the celebrations and dinner of the wedding ceremony.

If you are not in a position to buy very expensive cigars, you don’t need to worry because there are classy cigars that are inexpensive and come under an affordable range for everyone. You can buy these cigars and enjoy feeling special and proud on your day. Some of the cheapest cigars that are of good quality and nice taste are following:

Buffalo Ten rolled cigars are filled with tobacco and good to buy as they have a very good texture and aroma.

Gran Habano are wrapped thick cigars and have a very relaxing smooth smoke that makes you feel diluted at a very small price.

There are some cigars that come under the category of moderate ranged cigars with some more classiness in them. These moderate range cigars have a very silky and smooth texture and your wedding budget will not be affected by selecting the incredibly flavored and medium-priced cigars. One of the moderate-ranged cigars is Balmoral Anejo Xo Torpedo MK52 that burns very smoothly and has a fine and mild cedary taste.

Some cigars are considered the most luxurious cigars because of their morphology, chemical composition, aroma, strength, and flavor. These cigars can make your event splendid, lavish, and unforgettable as these top shelf and the most expensive cigars are well known for their quality among others. One of the most expensive cigars is the King of Denmark that is decorated with diamonds and wrapped in gold foil with a gold plated humidor to give you a feeling of royalness.

How to present the cigars at the wedding?

After selection and buying of the best cigars, the next and significant task is the presentation of the cigars at the wedding that make them look special and unique. There are very creative and wonderful ideas that can add to the beauty of cigars at the event. You must present all the tools needed for the cigars including cutters, lighters, and tables to arrange all the stuff. You can also present the cigars with rum or scotch to give them a luxurious look.

You can also add decorations and contemporary styled rooms by making welcome cards, decorated open boxes, lighting around the table, chocolates, and other cards with memorable quotes on the cigar table to make the cigar gifts presentable. You can also serve the guests with custom favor boxes along with cigars at wedding.

Cigars as wedding gifts at small parties

You are facing a problem providing expensive cigar gifts to all the guests at the wedding of your loved ones then there are other ideas to buy cigars for limited people. It might be possible that you may not have a budget that can support the idea of cigars for all guests but you still want to make the wedding gift extraordinary and to make the bride and groom feel significant then there is no need to worry.

You can implement the cigar gift idea possible by planning a wedding party that includes only the bride, groom, and groomsmen. By doing this, you can’t only present cigars as wedding gifts but can also add some luxury to this idea by putting little effort into an affordable range. Arranging a small party including your loved ones will make the event more memorable and lovable in the memories of people.

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