We all look out for suitable applications to unlock premium features on gaming apps or pass the restrictions and permission for absolutely free without harming the device and introducing the virus. You no longer need to search, because we have found a perfect match, ‘Luckypatcher’. We will discuss every information we have gathered for you regarding this tool; what is it? Is it safe or legal, and if you want to use it, how can you use it! 

What exactly is LuckyPatcher ?

LuckyPatcher is a new tool for mobile applications to bypass restrictions, add new features, etc. Now you can increase your coins gems without paying; you can also unlock the premium features and remove ads from the app.

How Luckypatcher works:

Luckypatcher is a modifier tool that modifies the target application’s source code. First, it scans your app and then suggests all the modifications it can offer for this app. You can adjust the permission, restrictions, features with their customized patches of any application you like without paying a dime.

Features of Luckypatcher: 

The different features of Luckypatcher are given below;

  • Change permissions; Luckypatcher changes the consent according to what you need 
  • Removal of Ads; Luckypatcher removes the ads from any app you want to have smooth surfing.
  • Removal of in-app purchases; this dream app can get past the in-app purchases, and you can enjoy all features for free. 
  • Game modification; you can unlock the game features, unlimited coins, lives, bonuses, etc., completely free. 

Is Luckypatcher safe for my device? 

The question arises if this app is safe, not damaging our phones, or hacking into our devices. The answer is relatively safe as it doesn’t introduce viruses on your device; there are different thoughts about the safety of this app, as some don’t consider it safe as it lowers the revenue for developers. Also, it works by changing the source code of apps, so it is damaging the apps. 

Is Luckypatcher legal?

Although Luckypatcher is just a tool, it can’t be illegal. However, the services offered by Luckypatcher to remove ads, bypass the license verification, and enjoy premium features without paying are considered criminal theft. Few features such as restore or backup apps are not regarded as unlawful; instead, it is functional. Even though you are not going to jail for this, moral ethics exist, and it questions your moral compass. 

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Also, now android phones hardly download Luckypatcher because they consider it a threat app. Before downloading, even some applications make sure that Luckypatcher isn’t downloaded on the devices. Sometimes the app misbehaves when patched by Luckypatcher.

Requirements to use Luckypatcher: 

The primary and only requirement to use Luckypatcher is a rooted device. For devices to be rooted, you can use tools like towelroot or KingRoot. After that, you can download Luckypatcher easily. 

When you run the Luckypatcher, it scans all the apps and shows the different actions. They also indicate colors to demonstrate compatibility: 

  • Green shows that this app can be disconnected from Google play.
  • Yellow means that specific patch is available for the app.
  • Blue shows that this app has Google ads.
  • Purple color indicates system startup app.
  • Orange shows that this is a system app.
  • Red shows that this app cannot be modified.

How to use Luckypatcher: 

We will teach you the steps to how to use Luckypatcher on your Android phone. 

Steps to remove license verification: 

  1. The first step is to root your device before you can use Luckypatcher.
  2. Now open Luckypatcher, you will see a list of all apps available on your phone.
  3. Now tap on the app you need to remove license verification, the menu will appear of different options.
  4. Click on the menu of patches, now all the patches will display, which can be applied on the app. 
  5. Tap on remove license verification; different patches to remove license verification will appear.
  6. Now tap the patch you want to use to remove license verification. Then select apply. 
  7. The successful screen will appear if the patch works, then tap ok. 

Steps to remove Google ads:

  1. The first step is to root the device with KingRoot or Towelroot before using Luckypatcher.
  2. Now open the Luckypatcher, you will see a list of all the apps on the phone.
  3. Select the app you want to remove Google ads. 
  4. Now tap on the menu of patches, list of patches that can be applied on the app will appear
  5. Select the remove Google ads option. Now tap the patch to remove Google ads.
  6. Now click on apply, and the patch will start to work. After the successful screen display results, tap ok. 

Steps to change Apps Permission: 

  1. The first step is to root the device before using Luckypatcher.
  2. Open Luckypatcher, after opening a list of all apps on the phone will appear.
  3. Now select the app you want to change app permissions. A menu of different options will appear.
  4. Tap on the menu of patches, a list of different patches which can be applied will appear.
  5. Select change app permissions; you will see different types of permissions list.
  6. Tap on the permission you want to change. If the permission color is green, it can be enabled, but if the color is red, then it will be disabled.
  7. Now tap on apply to change the permission. 

Ending Note:

Luckypatcher is a tool to help around the apps for those who can’t afford different features and premium versions of many applications. Not only does this help with the features mentioned above, but also it tells if the downloaded app is legit and trustworthy and if the app is modified before or its original. 

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