Make safety the highest priority: Purchase safety signs now!

Make safety the highest priority: Purchase safety signs now! 1

No matter where the location is, safety signs are a must. There is no such place that could be free from fire hazards, fire accidents and such incidents. It could even be as simple as a wet floor that someone could trip on without noticing. Or it could even be to alert them regarding something that is serious and could be very hazardous to someone’s health, for example, chemical explosive. These safety signs play a very crucial role in every building. No matter what the occupation is or what the purpose of the building is. No matter how many or how few members work in the building, no matter how many or how few people visit the building every day. Safety signs in Australia are a must. It is essential to keep everyone in the building informed about any minor or major hazards or accidents so that the people are pre-prepared and ready to face the situation. But the best would be that when there is a safety sign informing people about the hazard or inconvenience, the people are aware and can refrain from going to that area or be more cautious when visiting there.

Importance of using the right safety signs:

As discussed previously, in any workplace, safety signs are essential. The primary goal of displaying safety signs is to avoid injury and ensure that employees and visitors understand the potential dangers and hazards in specific scenarios and locations. Many employees would lack the required direction in a crisis if there were no safety signs. Not to forget that the companies may face serious legal issues if any accidents occur due to this carelessness.

Safety signs are among the most vital and primary factors for successful occupational health and safety practices, which have proven time and time again to provide practical, verifiable advantages to all levels of a firm.

The purpose of safety signs:

A workplace safety sign’s goal is to identify and notify staff who might be frequently exposed to hazards. Corporations are obliged under OSHA law to keep their employees safe. A creative visual strategy, such as safety signs, is needed. Each of the safety signs indicates a different safety hazard. It is necessary to ensure clear communication and give the staff and visitors a thorough understanding of what type of hazard it is. The workers must be fully aware of what the safety signs mean to comprehend the manner of the safety hazard.

Here is a list of safety signs in Australia and what they mean:

  1. Prohibition signs: It denotes the actions and behaviours which are not allowed at the workstation. The symbol consists of an exclamation mark inside of a red circle. This red circle has a red slash across it. It usually has a plain white background with the text in black.
  2. Mandatory signs: These signs denoted the actions and behaviours that definitely must be followed in the work area. This safety sign is a blue circle with a white exclamation mark in the centre.
  3. Danger signs: A danger sign depicts the risk, situation, or circumstance that can likely be life-threatening. There is a black rectangle that envelops a red oval shape. On top of this red oval shape, the word “danger” is written.
  4. Fire safety signs: These signs indicate the whereabouts of fire alarms, fire extinguishers and firefighting types of equipment. They have a red background with white symbols or text.
  5. General information signs: These signs convey basic information and usually refer to housekeeping, company procedures, or logistics. They have a grey circle with a lowercase “i” in white font.
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