Animation refers to animated cartoons and movies, and we all understand the term anime. Most people associate manga with anime and consider it the same, but what if I tell you manga is the totally opposite? Yes, you heard me right! Manga is printed cartoons from Japan; they usually come in the form of comics.

The illustrations are designed in such a way to make fans stay on their manga book even more. In this techy world now you don’t need to own a comic book because it can easily fit in your pocket. But how? Mangafox offers over 50000 Japanese comics for free.

Mangafox has a convenient interface where avid readers can find comics of their choice within minutes. Mangafox has everything a movie enthusiast wants, from quality content to discovering new manga comics. So take a moment to read this article and learn more about mangafox.

About Mangafox

The manga craze is not limited to Japan any more people like to read manga comics from around the world now. Mangafox is the result of a company US-based out in New Jersey.

Manga can be read online for free, so you do not have to sign up, but you can navigate the site more easily with your Google account if you choose to sign up.

There is a massive content library, and it is compatible with every device. You can even download manga. Now a days, manga has also launched its android app where users can enjoy manga comics in PDF format.

The genres are organized perfectly, so it will be easy for users to locate their desired comic within minutes. Mangafox does not require membership fees, as you will receive everything without spending your box.

What are the cons of using mangafox?

Mangafox is a great site and a treasure for anime and comic fans. However, most users complain about the pop-up ads that are very distracting to read. Many users claim Mangafox has caused a virus in their device after deleting it from the system; the antivirus programs detect around 500 viruses, making it suspicious among users. Ad pops can be prevented by using an ad blocker.

The users think adding this feature would boost the credibility of mangafox by allowing them to return to a chapter from the page they left.

Is mangafox a piracy-free website?

If you believe only stealing movies and uploading them to the Internet is considered piracy, you’re wrong. Anyone who posts content without the consent of the owner is doing online piracy. No mangafox is not piracy free, and they upload popular comics without asking for permission from the owners, so they get copyright issues. If mangafox is banned in your area and you still want to read comics, then check out VPN technology, which lets you read comics from anywhere in the world.

Features of mangafox

  • From mangafox, you can choose from a variety of features. The interface is very user-friendly, and the menu bar contains a collection of each comic. 
  •  The download option is always available if you want to watch movies without streaming online.
  • There are comics in Japanese and English with different genres such as sci-fi, supernatural, tragedy, webtoons, fantasy, mature, martial arts, and more.
  •  This forum includes a discussion area where fans can discuss their favorite comics and share their thoughts with each other.
  • The translations are excellent, and the comics have quality images that make reading more enjoyable.

What are similar sites like mangafox?

Even if Mangafox isn’t available in your area, you can explore similar alternatives for great comic experiences. The sites listed here are easy to use, and some are discussed.

  • Book Walker
  • Tenmangaa
  • Manga Rock
  • Fan fox
  • Crunchy Roll
  • Comixology
  • Comic book Plus


MangaFox is an excellent platform for comic fans. If you want to spend your weekend reading interesting comics, you should definitely try it out. This forum has categorized everything in a way that makes it easy for you to navigate. We have discussed some alternatives so that you can check them out too. If you want more online content, visit our website.

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