Collagen is abundantly found in your ligaments, tendons, muscles, blood vessels, and bones. Collagen helps maintain the overall structural integrity of your body. Since you consume less collagen from natural sources and your bodies produce it less as you age, many companies make supplements to fill the void. One such supplement is marine collagen. The benefits of marine collagen are plenty. Suppose you do not wish to take it in its original flavour. In that case, Marine Collagen can come in many flavours and forms, including marine collagen powder in citrus lime flavour, marine collagen chews, and many others. If you want to know more about marine collagen and its advantages, you can read further.

What is marine collagen?

Marine collagen is obtained from the scales and skin of fishes such as snapper or cod. After the collagen protein is removed, it is broken down into tiny units of collagen peptides (known as hydrolysed collagen) through hydrolysis. When dissolved in hot or cold liquids, the tiny units of marine collagen peptides make a great addition to your smoothies, oatmeal, and morning coffee. These peptides are tasteless and odourless. Since the marine collagen is not absorbed entirely by the body, it breaks down into individual amino acids. Then, it is absorbed and utilised by the body amino acids and is characterised by high hydroxyproline, proline, and glycine levels.

What are the benefits of marine collagen?

There are several health benefits of consuming marine collagen.

  1. It supports skin health: Your skin might be robbed of the natural scaffolding when you age as collagen production declines with age, as addressed above. To help keep skin healthy, you must consume marine collagen. According to research, consuming marine collagen maintains dermal thickness. It also promotes the activity of skin fibroblasts or cells in the dermis that help produce collagen and other fibres. In a study with women, when they consumed the hydrolysed Type I collagen supplement derived from tilapia, it supported their skin by diminishing the appearance of fine lines, photo-aging, and maintaining the moisture levels better.
  2. It promotes quality sleep: Marine collagen contains glycine amino acids that promote quality sleep. As per a review, ingesting glycine before bed helped maintain sufficient levels of good quality sleep. Additionally, this amino acid maintains the core body temperature. Dips in blood sugar and erratic spikes can interfere with quality sleep, but marine collagen helps retain them.
  3. It supports hair and nail growth: There has been some evidence that proves collagen’s ability to increase nail and hair growth. Although more studies are needed, marine collagen supports hair and nail growth.
  4. It promotes bone strength: Although marine collagen doesn’t contain the minerals associated with bone health, a study suggests that it can support the absorption of phosphorous, calcium, and other minerals into the body. The absorption is associated with osteoblasts, which are responsible for secreting collagen and creating the unmineralised portion of the bone called the osteoid.

Hence, if you want to purchase the supplements, you can opt for the marine collagen powder with its original flavour or your preferred flavour. For example, if you prefer supplements with a specific flavour like citrus lime, you can look for “marine collagen powder citrus lime flavour.” Consumption of marine collagen will help bring positive changes in your body, and you will start noticing them immediately.

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