Chinese universities offer a wide range of social and cultural opportunities to their students. The schools, which are in a very good condition in terms of physical conditions, also make students happy in terms of accommodation and education opportunities. In addition to the ease of application and admission conditions of MBBS college China, wide scholarship options are also attractive for students. There are many types of scholarships, from partial scholarships to full scholarships. MBBS consultancy abroad make your scholarship applications on your behalf.

The number of universities in the People’s Republic of China has exceeded 2,000 with 350 new universities opened in recent years. The People’s Republic of China has increased its schooling rate in order to attract successful students from different countries of the world to its own country. With this number of foreign students, it has gained a very important place in the world in this field. In addition, the People’s Republic of China, which has started to provide English education in more than 300 universities for this purpose, also provides great convenience in admission and visa procedures for students who prefer their country for university education.

MBBS in China

With nearly two thousand years of traditional medicine experience, China’s medical education (MBBS) is highly sought after by international students considering a career in healthcare. China is now one of the prominent countries in the field of health. After studying Medicine in China, international students can work in other countries of the world as well as return to their own country and do their jobs. China’s Ministry of Education approved a total of 49 universities to accept international students in the 2011-2012 academic year. These universities offer MBBS in English for international students considering studying in China.

Medical Faculties in China are recognized by the China Health Council and most faculties are included in the “World Medical School Directory” by the World Health Organization (WHO). International students can apply to Medical Schools in China in Chinese or English language of instruction.

Although the main language of instruction is English, candidates will still need to learn the Chinese lingua in order to communicate with patients in the hospital. Also, many Medicine programs in China will require international students to meet the HSK exam requirement.
International students are accepted based on their previous academic achievements, particularly their performance in mathematics and science courses, and their level of English language proficiency. Admission requirements for MBBS college China vary from university to university.

The duration of medical education in China ranges from five to seven years. After receiving basic training, most graduates go directly into practice. The five-year education is aimed at training general practitioners. In seven years of education, basic sciences and clinical experience go hand in hand. At the end of seven years of education, both undergraduate and graduate diplomas are awarded. Medical education (MBBS) in the English language of instruction for international students generally takes five to six years. You can contact MBBS consultancy abroad to seek admission in best MBBS college China.

Summary: Chinese universities offer a huge range of medicine courses to foreign students. The registration and application procedure to study MBBS in China is quite relaxed as compared to other countries. Not only this, MBBS colleges of China offer scholarships to its students that vary as per university norms.


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