Bedrooms are where we spend a lot of personal time when we’re home. The furniture we choose for the space should make our lives easier. While we spend a lot of time sleeping in this room, we also spend time getting prepared for our day in there also—the closet and dresser store clothes and other accessories we use to dress ourselves. But, we also need to reassure ourselves that we are well put together before stepping outside. We need a mirror for that purpose, and placing it atop the dresser is a practical idea.

There are several styles and sizes of mirrors to compliment your dresser. Here are a few tips to help you pick a mirror that works in your space.

First, consider the shape of the mirror. What are the design elements in the room now? Do you have the clean, crisp lines of a modern design? Then a rectangular or square mirror will be the right addition. If the furniture has rounded edges, or you have a round ottoman in the design, go with a circular mirror.

Is your taste a bit more eclectic? Then you’ll want a unique mirror, and they aren’t difficult to find. There are curvy mirrors, mirrors with colorful accents, carvings, etchings, and other decorative accents to fit your style.

Frame or no frame? Framed mirrors come in many different colors and textures to blend with your existing design. Stick with the color family you’re using the space to choose the right frame. Or, if you want to jazz up the space, add a contrasting color. Gold and metal frames add elegance to the piece.

How big should the mirror be? You certainly don’t want to overpower the dresser so take measurements before you start looking for a mirror. To keep the look balanced, the dresser should be taller and wider than the mirror.

Get creative and use a few dresser mirrorsto complete the design. Arrange four smaller square or round mirrors neatly above the dresser to add character to the space.

If you prefer a consistent style,you can find dresser mirror combinations sold together. That way, the color, and texture give you a piece where the main components were made to fit each other perfectly. Many bedroom sets come with dressers and mirrors that will match the bed frame. This will give you a completed look,and you won’t have to search for the right piece.

Move a dresser mirror combo into your walk-in closet and turn it into a wardrobe room where you have everything you need to dress yourself.

Dressers and mirrors aren’t only for bedrooms anymore. If you have a long wall in the living or family room that’s empty, fill it in with a large ornatebureau with a decorative mirror sitting directly above; it will give the room a formal feel. Entryways are another location where a small dresser and mirror combination will add formality to the space.

You don’t only have to use these mirrors over dressers. Many of the mirrors aregreat as solo pieces and don’t need a dresser. They reflect light and can make a small room feel bigger. Hang one over a sofa or loveseat instead of wall art, and let it capture the natural sunlight that enters the room. This is where framed mirrors can really shine and upgrade the room’s look.

When there’s space above furniture you want to fill in with a mirror, there is a rule of thumb when it comes to an ideal hanging height. The bottom of the mirror should be four to six inches above the upper edge of the furniture. A visual break is created, and the mirror won’t tower over the furniture piece. If the furniture is less than thirty inches high, the mirror should be hung at eye level.

Keep everyone safe by securing the mirror with a wall mount. Placing the mirror above the seating is a great idea, but you don’t want it falling on anyone accidentally. Utilize the wall studs or heavy-load anchors when hanging the mirror. Use dresser mirrors for your convenience and to spruce up your home décor.

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