WhatsApp is a communication website that links you to people all around the world. However, it is not as White bet as Facebook, and you are not connected to the people who are not on your contact list. However, you can connect to the group of people with the group chat and chat boxes as well. Now you can also upload stories as status on WhatsApp. Moreover, WhatsApp has been emerged and advanced over a few years. Initially, it was just an application that was used for messaging later the call, and then a video call option was added. And now, you can also add stories to your status.

Everybody has a phone these days, and even the children these days enjoy the liberty of having a cell phone of their own. The time has been advancing and enhancing the technology is, and now every person has an advanced Android or iOS phone. The children also use these phones to connect to other people, and this is where there is a need to spy on WhatsApp for the parents to have a keen Eagle eye on their kids.

Children may feel violated if you are spying on them, but when you are doing it while being hidden, there are no worries in that. However, the primary purpose of your spying on your kids has to be their safety, and to save them from any kind of them is rather than invading their private space. You can spy on their WhatsApp using TheOneSpy.

TheOneSpy app for spying on WhatsApp

TheOneSpy app is spying and a monitoring app that is developed for parents and employers as well to have an eye on their kids and their employees while they are working on the action. For the employers, it has been developed to increase productivity and to make sure that nobody is leaking sensitive information from the company. And for the parents, TheOneSpy app helps the parents to keep a stronghold on the activities of the children to keep them safe and from any considerable damage that can impact in the worst ways on their kids. There are a lot of features of the TheOneSpy app that will help you to monitor the activities of the person. However, there is no trial for a free plan that you can use for the TheOneSpy app. If you are willing to use the TheOneSpy app, you need to go through their website and bi a plan that can make monthly, quarterly, and annual as well. You can also pick from the two versions available one is the premium, and the other is the lite version.

What features does the TheOneSpy app have to offer?

There is a long list of features that TheOneSpy app has to offer. This is the reason why TheOneSpy app is rated as the best spying and monitoring app for either on WhatsApp and all the other applications on the phone. Below are some of the features that you can use for monitoring purposes.

Complete access to the applications downloaded

The first and the best feature of the spying app is that it gives you full access to the applications that are downloaded on the phone. If the targeted device has WhatsApp downloaded on their phone, you can use the WhatsApp comprehensively. You can take a lock on the chats that are archived and the contacts that are blocked on WhatsApp. You can also read the charts and also record the screen based on the chatting that is going on between two people. It gives you complete freedom of monitoring the activities that are going on WhatsApp. You can also see the group chats and even the links and the videos that are shared using the media option of the WhatsApp.

Live screen recording

One other feature is the live recording option. It gives you the liberty of recording the screen. If you are not willing to just read the conversation and see the activities that are going on, you can record the screen and keep it as proof for evidence to use later. The live screen recording will help you to have the exact knowledge about the current situation.


All and all, TheOneSpy app is the best app to spy on WhatsApp and other social media applications as well. You can also go through all the contact lists and all the additional information that has been saved on the phone or any other computer as well.

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