What more does a clinical provider want than having a cost-effective EMR solution that cuts down the technology costs? Nowadays, clinical practices look for scalable solutions that come at low pricing so they can practice an optimized revenue stream coupled with sustainable growth. Two such platforms to offer affordable services for all-sized practices are AdvancedMD EMR and NextGen EMR. Therefore, we have penned down a detailed NextGen vs AdvancedMD EMR pricing comparison so you can easily pick the affordable one. 

Let’s dive into the NextGen EMR vs AdvancedMD pricing comparison without further delay. 

AdvancedMD Pre-configured Plans: 

AdvancedMD EMR offers three exclusive pricing packages that are pre-configured to meet clients’ expectations. These configured plans cover a wide range of features for medical practices. There are a total of three pricing packages by AdvancedMD EMR. However, before diving into the price details, there are certain things you should know beforehand, and that are:

Pricing tiers: AdvancedMD EMR features two-tier pricing plans and allows for monthly-based and encounter-based subscriptions as per the user’s convenience. 

Maintenance Fee: No added maintenance fee is charged to the clinical practices even though it offers ongoing maintenance and continuous updates 

Installation Fee: A one-time installation fee is charged inclusive of endless training services and support. 

Demo: AdvancedMD EMR demo is offered for free. 

AdvancedMD Pricing Packages:

Revenue Cycle Management Service  

It is offered as a service for practices that want to optimize their revenue stream without shifting their EMR solution. This is a percentage-based pricing plan by AdvancedMD EMR that charges 4-8% of monthly revenue generation. This RCM plan comes with no hidden fee and significantly reduces the headcount for medical practices. 

EMR Software 

The EMR bundle of this robust solution is well-structured. It even covers some vital practice management services needed for boosting clinical productivity. The pricing of this AdvancedMD EMR plan is $2.19 per encounter and $729 per month. This plan is ideal for all sized-practices as small practices can just resort to an encounter-based plan, for there’s no need to pay a hefty price for the low patient influx.  

Practice Management 

The vendor offers a perfect bundle for practices seeking a helping hand for the administrative processes. This plan is all about handling the front and back-end operations to lessen the pressure on clinical staff. It is also priced rightfully and costs just $1.42 per encounter, considering the budget range of small practices. The system costs $429 for clients who prefer a monthly subscription for their high patient influx.

Customizable Bundles:

Besides these three pricing plans, AdvancedMD allows care providers to craft customized bundles for their clinics. It is an initiative from the vendor’s end to show clients that it puts their convenience over everything. This ensures that clients are not overcharged for the services they don’t even use on a monthly or encounter basis. 

NextGen EMR Pricing:

You may already know that NextGen EMR has not shared its pricing plans publicly. But even a layman can say that it must compensate for the needs of low-budget practices as it offers EMR solutions for small practices. Clients having experienced the services of NextGen EMR say that its pricing structure is worth every penny. You must consult the vendor for to-the-point details or simply request a quote. 

Let’s look into some potential facts highlighted by the users. 

Pricing Tiers: It offers just a monthly subscription-based model. So, NextGen EMR offers only one pricing tier. 

Training Services: NextGen offers free webinars and other educational resources for the training of clinical staff. 

Maintenance Cost: There’s no word about whether NextGen EMR charges an additional maintenance cost. 

Demo: NextGen EMR provides a free demo facility for interested clients. 

A prompt insight about the EMR solutions NextGen EMR features for its clients. 

NextGen Office:

It is a cloud-based EMR solution that works perfectly on a small scale. This pricing plan by NextGen EMR empowers medical professionals with best-in-class healthcare services. NextGen Office includes a bundle of practice management, EMR, and revenue cycle services compiled for a consolidated view of patient data with integrated capabilities. In addition, this ONC-certified solution is compatible with portable devices. 

NextGen  Enterprise:

This solution works at a large scale to connect healthcare organizations. It offers an option for single and multi-specialty practices for better clinical outcomes and practicing streamlined care. For practices with more than ten physicians, it is a perfect fit. Its features like specialty-specific content, analytics, and electronic data sharing make it a worth considering option. In addition, it is highly scalable with improved interoperability and smooth clinical functioning. 

AdvancedMD vs NextGen EMR Reviews

In our opinion, it is imperative to go through the reviews of these EMR solutions to learn what is the user’s perspective about them. Just because an EMR system is affordable doesn’t always mean that it is perfect. All EMR platforms are susceptible to flaws and these two are no exception. Reviews will present the true picture of these solutions for us so we can analyze them better in light of their features and added capabilities. 

AdvancedMD EMR reviews show that the solution is rightly priced for its services. It is highly adaptable and customizable. It allows customization of all clinical services to the extent that no EMR software can ever allow for. Whether it’s managing claims or prescribing medications, it has accurate medical codes to simplify clinical processes. On top of that, this low-priced solution features a built-in patient kiosk that helps engage patients. 

As for NextGen EMR, it is considered an agile and compact EMR solution. Reviews show that NextGen EMR has it all that a medical practice needs to maintain an upright position in the market. Reviews are all praises for the reporting tool of NextGen EMR. The fact that it features varying services for small and enterprise-scale services helps the vendor score a solid client base. It is also customizable and provides users with fine-grade services. 

Final Thoughts:

This was all we had to say about the Nextgen EMR vs AdvancedMD EMR price battle. Both offer feasible packages, but the encounter-based pricing model by AdvancedMD scores more points. But to see if these solutions are really workable for you we recommend scheduling a demo with Netech EMR and AdvancedMD EMR. This will help you put an end to Nextech EMR vs AdvancedMD EMR confusion once and for all.

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