Diarrhea, vomiting, and discomfort in your abdomen are all signs of digestive health problems and there is something that is causing these problems. That one thing is your bowel movement diet. If you are consuming foods that are not good for your health then it will lead to serious digestive issues. In the worse case, you can suffer from GERD, a chronic digestive problem that can only go with a change in your lifestyle.

So, if you are having issues with your bowel movement then it’s probably because either you are consuming too many carbs or proteins and your body lacks the fibers that are required to break down your foods for a better stool. So to improve your digestive health you have to follow a proper Constipation diet that is rich in fibers and nutrients that can help in improving your digestive health.

Talking about healthy foods then you should also keep in mind that you should avoid foods that can damage your digestive health. If you are consuming way too many unhealthy foods then you will suffer from issues like constipation and that can lead to other health issues as well. What you should do is consume foods that can smooth out your digestive tract. Look at this chicken bone broth recipe. It will help in improving your bowel movement because it contains protein and healthy fats that help to improve your digestive health.


So, we have talked about some of the basic things that can help in improving your digestive health. Here are some of the other foods that you should consume in order to improve your bowel movement.


Vegetables are rich in fibers that help in improving your digestive tract by building a gel-like structure inside your digestive tract. Soluble fiber is better than carbs as they will only make things worse in your digestive system. Bread and processed foods can damage your colon as well. So try to avoid such foods and add vegetables to your diet. Mix a few veggies and eat a bowl of salad every day. This will help you in improving your digestive health.


There are tons of fruits that are good for your health. Fruits that are rich in vitamin C and contains anti-oxidant properties help in reducing the inflammation of your stomach. It also helps to detox your body from harmful toxins and waste material inside your body. Some people drink fruit infused water which is equally beneficial for your digestive health. Kiwi, banana, and apples are some of the foods that can help in improving your digestive health.


There are some seeds that can also help with constipation and also to prevent it from happening. Flaxseed and basil seed are two of the most beneficial seeds for your digestive health. They are rich in soluble fiber and I already told you what fibers do to your digestive tract. So if you are having problems with your digestive health and you have abdomen pain and constipation then just mix flaxseed with milk or water and drink it.


Broths and soups help in improving your bowel movement. They are rich in nutrients and can be digested easily. Rather than consuming food in a chewable form, sometimes it’s better to replace them with liquid-based foods. You can try beef bone broth, chicken soup, vegetable broth, and there are tons of them out there that you can try out yourself.


Water, juices, smoothies, and milk are some of the fluids that can improve your digestive health. Such foods will not only help in improving your digestive health but will also help to improve your metabolism. That will eventually help you to absorb more nutrients as you eat foods.


These are some of the foods that can help in improving your bowel movement and can prevent various other digestive disorders. So try to add them to your daily routine so that you can finally improve your overall health. You should be really careful when it comes to your digestive health because it can be linked to several other health disorders as well. So it’s better to take early precautions and prevent it from happening.

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