Many of the expensive off-the-shelf desktop computers could be cheaper. By assembling the system yourself, you definitely do not waste money on components that you do not need. The important thing is speed and for making it possible to achieve, PC Power Up site will assist to top components that we discuss here.


It looks like the number of games requiring a processor with multiple cores is increasing. Over time, we increasingly notice that new games emphasize the importance of a high-tech processor.

Assuming the game isn’t optimized to use it, there isn’t much visual difference between a mid-range i5 processor and a powerful i7. Like RAM, the processor is used primarily for functions such as video editing.

Again, “relevance” is the key word here. Powerful processors are used more for gaming purposes, and the trend continues that getting a good processor will become more and more important.


If you’ve built an insanely powerful PC, then you need something to display its full power. When standard HD isn’t enough and your rig is ready to pull a little something, there are 4K and higher resolutions, displays up to 144fps, super widescreens and multi-monitor rigs.

Even “standard” 1080p / full HD monitors have many options: Do you want an IPS screen? What size? Is it important to you the number of FPS that the monitor can produce?

Again, it all comes down to personal choice and budget. Standard HD monitors are great for gaming, but if you want your PC to be the envy of your gamer friends then get one that can be classed as a serious gaming monitor.

Power Supply:-

This may not be the most glamorous part of a gaming PC, but its importance should not be underestimated. All PC components need to be powered, and if your power supply is not powerful enough, then you will have to forget about games.

Most modern components require a lot of energy; the best way to find out what kind of power supply is needed is to use a program that determines how much energy your unit needs.

In general, the more power the PSU provides the better. You not only need to be sure that all components are operating at full capacity, but also not to be afraid to increase the load in the future, without worrying about where to get additional energy.

Game Mouse:-

Any PC gamer needs a cool gaming mouse. If you play without using a gamepad, then you will keep your hand on the mouse all the time and you need to choose the one that suits you specifically.

Ergonomic design is paramount. You don’t want your hand to get cramped after a few hours of playing? There are other factors to consider: What games do you play more? There are mice made specifically for MMO games, which have about 20 separate buttons. Does the DPI of a mouse matter to you? Some mice can change it on the fly, making them suitable for sniping in first person shooters.

There are also parameters such as weight and texture. You can take a long time to choose the right mouse, but remember that this is a very important decision.

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