Yuhuan Hongda Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd. is one the leading companies, known for manufacturing threaded Brass fittings in China. The company boasts a perfect craftsmanship in producing the best Valves, bibcocks and fittings made in brass used in industrial and residential projects. The company operates very closely watching and fulfilling the customers’ demands daily. The company has been in existence since 1996 and ever since has built high trust within the customers from across the continents. 

Spread over 6700 square meters and an amazing state of the art factory totally equipped with latest and advanced technologies to develop and manufacture the huge demand of brass valves, brass bibcock and brass fittings with high precision and accuracy to perfectly designed around the standard sizes approved all around the world. The company has thrived to reach out to meet the demands of local and international clients in the plumbing domain. 

Hongda manufactures Brass fittings also apart from brass valves and brass bibcock. Under the Brass fitting category Honda manufactures Brass nipple fittings, Brass compression fitting, brass compression fittings, Brass Pex fittings, DZR Brass fittings, Brass Elbow and Tee fittings, Brass Gas fittings, Brass Hose Fittings and Brass Threaded Fittings. 

Typically Brass fittings are used for carrying chemicals, flammable gasses, drinking water and other fluids or plumbing substances. Companies manufacture pipe fittings in a wide variety of metals, shapes and sizes, out of which brass being a plumbing favorite. There are international standard sizes to connect, adapt or control the substances flowing in the pipes. 

Brass fittings are popular because of the many good properties of Brass metal. Brass fittings are suitable for long term usage and have low chances of cracking or disintegration, making them better than any other PVC or other metal fittings available in the market. Below are some of the Hongda Fittings you could choose from. 

Long thread double nipple brass

Brass fittings are the most sought after as compared to PVC as PVC fittings tend to crack or are less durable. This model is available in 3/8” – 1” size. The working pressure is PN16 or 200 Psi.  Working temperature ranges from -20 degree Celsius to 120 Degree Celsius. It has a good durability up to 10000 cycles. It can be used for carrying water, oil, gas and any other non- corrosive liquids. It has BSP and NPT threading. 

Brass Hose Connector Fittings

This model from Hongda fittings comes in four sizes 12 mm, 16mm, 20 mm and 25 mm. With a PN16 or Psi 200 working pressure it can handle most fluid and gases efficiently. Further the product can withstand a low temperature of -20 degree Celsius to 120 degree Celsius. The working durability is 10000 cycles. This model can be effectively used for water, oil, gas and other non- corrosive liquids in residential or commercial setups.

Elbow Brass PEX Fittings 

 Use this Elbow Brass PEX fitting to carry any non- corrosive fluid, water, oil, and gas for residents or in industrial use. It is available in four sizes, 16 mm , 20mm, 26mm and 32mm. While the bore is standard bore it has a working pressure of PN16 / 200Psi and a working temperature of -20 degree Celsius and deal up to 120 degree Celsius. 

Forged DZR Brass Elbow

Forged elbows are generally used in pipe fittings in Oil and gas industries. With sizes from 3/8” to 2” the forged DZR Brass elbow helps in changing the material flow. The forged DZR brass elbow can be used to control flow of water, oil, gas or any other liquids. The maximum and minimum working temperatures are -20 degree Celsius. The product has a BSP and NPT threading. It has a long durability of 10000 cycles. 

Brass Hexagonal Sleeve

Available in 3/8” to 2” sizes, these brass hexagonal sleeves are used to fasten multiple parts together with bolts.  The hexagonal shape of this product allows tightening of parts with a wrench. The brass being a non corrosive metal provides good resistance to corrosion and oxidation. It has good mechanical strength and can withstand good temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to 120 degrees. It has a working durability of 10000 cycles. These Hongda fittings can be effectively used to carry water, gas and oils.

Reduced Brass Tee Hose Fittings

When the run and bull are not uniform it is then referred to as “reduced Tee”. Reduced brass tee fittings are in T shape and it has two ends of the same size and the third side is slightly smaller. The ports of the run are bigger than the branch port size. This hose fitting is available in 12 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, and 32 mm. This fitting also has a good temperature withstanding capacity starting from -20 to 120 degree Celsius. It can be used along with any brass fittings and pipes for better results to carry most liquids and gases. 

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