PowerPoint Presentations have been the life and blood of business for so long, that it is unimaginable to think about doing business without their involvement. But there is so much more than you can do with them, rather than only using them to give presentations as originally intended. They are a great source of knowledge which have served their intended purpose but they can still be utilized as training content. 

This initiative of turning the PowerPoint presentations into training content requires some effort. The key considerations of this initiative are listed below-

  • Standardization-

The first point of consideration is that of standardization. What standards of the e-learning industry does their product adhere to? 

There are set standards that the LMSs are required to adhere to if they wish for their product to function seamlessly across the channels. Tin Can, AICC, cmi5, and SCORM compliancy are a few such standards that when adhered to, can help solve the issue of compatibility of e-learning products. 

  • Best instructional design-

Before choosing the LMS for your training needs and requiring to turn the knowledge-mine of PowerPoint presentations into the training content, it is important to note the kinds of instructional design they offer. Because the task is not just to turn the PowerPoint presentation into a course word by word but that of turning these presentations into effective training and knowledge material which can be easily consumed by the trainees as well as is retained in their minds for a long time. 

  • Technical know-how-

There are innumerous tools available in the market to use, but only an experienced e-learning vendor knows which ones should be used for your business, and how to make the most out of them so that they are fully optimised and maximum profit can be achieved. This requires great technical as well as practical knowledge, which is rarely available elsewhere, other than the e-learning vendors. Plus, these vendors are aware of what works best with their products and how to maximise their output. 

  • Faster conversion-

The next point of consideration is that the LMS should not only make the course content effective but also offer fast conversion. The business world is dependent on fast decisions that can see the light of the day soon enough to earn a solid return on the investment. Thus, the sooner the PPTs can be converted to effective course content, the better it is for business. The experienced e-learning vendors, by logic, have already performed this operation for other businesses numerous times, thus it stands to logic that they would be much more efficient than your training team doing this task. 

  • Ensuring the course stands the test of time-

Only the timely conversion of PPTs and their effectiveness is not enough, choosing the right LMS ensures that your converted content stands the test of time and stays relevant in the long run. AS you are aware that the training is a never-ending process and thus, the content is required for a long time. Firstly, the content should be formulated in a way that it can work for a long duration, and secondly, it can be easily changed if the need arises. This is where the LMSs and their authoring tools step in to save the day. 

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Thus, the conversion of the already available power-point presentations is a smart move but it requires pragmatism on the part of the business to be able to choose the right kind of Learning Management System to do the required job and supervise the whole process keeping in mind the long-term vision of the company and its objectives as a whole.

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