When vacation time comes, you always want to do something unique and make the most of your holiday. Chartering a yacht is a perfect way to bring all your friends and family on a holiday and cruise the coast as you discover all the beauties of the Adriatic Sea. Whether you choose Montenegrin, Croatian or Italian, coast or you decide to mix it up, your yachting experience will be everything you’ve ever dreamt of, and more. To discover the Adriatic Sea in style, we suggest you hop to the destinations listed below.

Sail to Hvar

Starting your sailing adventure from Croatia gives you the opportunity to hop to any one of their gorgeous islands on your way to Italy. Head for Hvar town for a cocktail hour at Carpe Diem before you continue exploring this majestic island. Considering Hvar is one of the most popular Croatian islands, it’s no wonder it offers magnificent spa facilities. Unwind and recharge for a night out at a private beach away from prying eyes. Try some local food specials before you sail away to another Adriatic destination.

Continue to Dubrovnik

Once your visit to Hvar ends, you can head down to Dubrovnik. With a top-rated luxury yacht charter Croatia has to offer, you can plan a long yachting trip from Croatia to Italy and back with all the convenience. So, sail away to the pearl of the Adriatic to explore its magnificent Old Town and immediately feel like you’re on a set of Game of Thrones.

Hop to Ortona in Italy

Take a break from the Croatian coast and sail to Italy. Have you ever been to a fishing village? Ortona is one of those lovely cities that draws thousands of visitors during the summer holidays. You don’t have to go to tropical islands to get your fair share of white sand beaches. Ortona is home to a 12th Century Ortona Cathedral, an impressive 15th Century Aragon Castle, and features iconic viewpoints from which you can marvel at the Adriatic all day long.

Venice is a must-see

When you sail to the east coast of Italy, you have to plan for a day trip to Venice. There’s no better way to visit Italy’s most awe-inspiring city than by a yacht since Venice has no roads but only channels and is set on the Adriatic coast. Some must-see spots include wine bars, cafes, cathedrals and the magnificent Santa Maria della Salute. Add San Marco Cathedral and the Canal Grande to the list too, alongside the “Bridge of Sighs. Your yacht will fall right into place in the city where boats are the preferred mode of transport. On top of that, you’ll finally be able to explore Venice without worrying about catching a ferry to the land back.

Finish yacht hopping in Trieste

After Venice, the sea will take you to Trieste. When you go north, you cannot miss this charming Italian city close to the Slovenian border. One of the biggest perks of Trieste is its safety. No matter the time of day or night, you can stroll around safely without worrying about your safety. You’ll be surprised to learn that Trieste is also a quadrilingual city due to the fact that it lies at the crossroads of the Latin, Germanic and Slavic worlds. If you’re an architecture lover, Trieste will be your Mecca. Namely, numerous cultural influences melted into the city’s architecture offering astonishing Roman remains, as well as refined Austrian empire buildings. From museums to churches and castles, once you’re done exploring the city, switch to a coastal walk for the ultimate cherry on top of a magnificent day. Don’t miss out on their fine cuisine and have a taste of delectable gnocchi, and pick up some torte or strucolo de pomi at a pastry shop. Fish soups and risotto also deserve all the attention of the tourists, so keep them on the list for the next visit.

The Adriatic Sea offers an array of activities for sea lovers. When you find a yacht charter and set sail, don’t miss out on the destinations we’ve listed. Start your adventure in Croatia and pay a visit to all of its beautiful islands and mainland coastal cities. Head to charming Italy to make the most of your Adriatic adventure. Venice and Trieste are just some of the cities that deserve your attention, so be sure to explore other lovely towns on your sailing adventure and make memories for a lifetime.

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