Social media takes most of our time, and we end up doing nothing else apart from browsing. Most people nowadays have less time to concentrate on their work. Students find themselves in a dilemma when they browse and fail to study or do their homework. Social media is a platform where people of different settings interact. There are positive attributes related to social media. Some of the importance of social media includes people from other parts of the world to communicate. 

Social media provides a platform in which students learn from various apps and websites that include YouTube. There are many tutorials that students learn on multiple subjects that are difficult to understand, such as a custom dissertation writing service. Social media has made the world like a small village where everyone can interact from wherever they are with a touch of a button. 

Social media contains negative impacts too. Some harmful sites are prohibited for children. Some of the platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, may be used to tarnish and spoil other peoples’ self-esteem. The internet has also been used to conduct cyber-crimes such as cyberbullying. Hackers use social media to steal whatever they want. Many people are addicted to social media. They have become lazy, and idlers waste their time on unnecessary items that derail them from their regular work. Some parents have neglected parental duties and left their kids to various practical activities such as addiction to drugs.

We need to detox from social media to go on with our regular duties and enjoy social life and interaction.

The damages of social media

There are several damages that social media has on our mental health. Most people suffer from isolation, depression, and anxiety.  When a person receives a message from social media, they feel happy. The brain releases dopamine which makes an individual feel comfortable. The same happiness is transferred to gambling, medicine, and food. The feeling of joy may be short-lived, but it may cause addiction to social media as you anticipate getting a text message from social media. In the long run, nothing will give us the same excitement as the one that we obtain from text messages from social media. 

There are alternative ways to replace social media happiness, including social interactions, exercises, and education. Existing social interactions limit various aspects of the exchange, such as public interaction. The pandemic has limited many activities, but people can change their lifestyles when everything comes back to normal.

Engage in meaningful activities during your free time

Experts and researchers estimate that an average person takes almost an hour on social media each day. We, therefore, waste much time browsing for some less helpful stuff on the internet. People should consider planning their time to involve in productive activities that are useful to our health.  Spending time traveling to various destinations during the holidays is the best way of enjoying your time. Choose the right destination that you will get therapy. You may also visit a gym to help you to maintain your body. When you take some time to relax, you will quickly abandon social media and get new ideas on the plans that you have for your life. Numerous benefits of exercise are beyond social media addiction. 

Keep your social interaction with others.

Social media should not deprive your social interaction time. The happiest people move from place to place as they interact with friends and family members.


Another way of interacting is by volunteering to work. The best way to avoid social media addiction is by replacing your habits with different types of activities.

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