Brisbane in Australia is known for its efficient Dental hospitals. New and modern therapies and techniques are available and performed in all parts of the city for oral health. One among them is a removable partial denture. Have a look into the partial denture implants in Brisbane to know everything around this denture.

There are lots of situations when a dental condition or an injury leads to missing teeth. During this hard time, the only method to cope is to replace the teeth. Snap-in dentures solve these problems easily and walk away from conventional dentures too. Dentures support the facial muscles and put a halt to signs of ageing. They are outstanding for improving the smile and also provide great comfort to eat and speak. The two types of denture available are:

  • Full Dentures

Full dentures look the same as the mouth as it has a skin coloured acrylic base. It is placed on the roof of the mouth while the lower denture is designed in the structure of a horseshoe.

  • Partial Dentures

Here, dentures use metal frameworks in the place of natural teeth. A crown will be provided to place the teeth in this process. Since this is a stable and versatile technique, it won’t slip out of place like conventional dentures.

Screws or dental implants are used to place the snap-in denture within the jawbone. According to the need and budget, the number of implants is decided. Usually, it is two to four in each jaw.

Benefits of partial denture

Partial denture implants in Brisbane is the right decision. Compared to conventional dentures, the partial denture has many benefits. They are:

1) Taking conventional methods and snap-in dentures into hands, the latter is more stable than the former. This is because conventional dentures are removable to become loose while removing daily and speaking.

2) It is difficult to chew with conventional dentures, while partial denture implants help to enhance chewing ability. It improves chewing, sticking and harder foods.

3) Partial denture implants are more comfortable than conventional dentures. They fit better than the latter. Also, there is no friction on the gums. It gives a natural look too.

4) There is no further bone loss as the jawbone is protected.

Maintaining the Partial Denture

Any treatment requires proper maintenance to get the maximum effect. Maintenance also ensures the worth of time and money. It is crucial to brush the roof of the mouth, gums and tongue every day, along with the teeth. Use a soft-bristled brush for it. If it is a removable denture, rinse well to remove debris and loose food. If it snap-in dentures, a soft-bristled toothbrush could be used to remove particles from the teeth. After removing the dentures, please keep them in clean water in a safe area to use again.

Difference between removable dentures and fixed dentures

The simplest answer for the difference between a removable denture and a fixed denture is, as the name suggests, one is removable while the other can’t. Other than that, fixed dentures are more costly than others because the number of implants required is higher, and also there is a need for an additional attachment bar in this method.

Removable implants are less safer than the fixed dentures because there is a chance to slip out of place. Fixed implants are secure as they are attached implants. Fixed dentures could be removed by dentists only and also have a distinct cleaning process.

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