Things You Should Prefer While Making an Animated Text Video

Animated Text Video

Animated Text Video

We highly advise you to include text in your video using the text video software, regardless of the type of video you’re doing. There are several reasons why you should add text to your video using the text video software, whether it’s for a video instructional, a trip video, or a fun clip for social media, and we’ll go through them here.

According to research, most videos on social media are seen with the sound turned off, particularly on Facebook. Most companies and video makers have adopted a soundless-first strategy to video production due to this discovery.

Adding text, captions, and subtitles to your video helps guarantee that it is appealing and understandable even when muted and makes it more accessible for viewers who speak English as a second language and may find conventional narration difficult to follow.

Why add text?

Text is an excellent tool for:

Now that we’ve discussed why you should add text to your video, we’re delighted to tell you that it’s incredibly simple to accomplish using Mango Animate Text Video Maker. Mango Animate Text Video Maker allows you to add text and modify your video in just a few simple steps.

Creating the ideal animation video may appear to be a difficult endeavor. Making even a basic animated film may be a difficult undertaking without a well-defined method, whether you do it alone or have access to an in-house team.

Best animated text effects:

1.     The “Frame” Effect:

This effect’s name is self-explanatory: it frames text with a square or rectangular-shaped adornment (depending on the amount of text).

This animated text effect looks best when there are only a few lines of text in a single frame. It’s especially useful for highlighting the most significant portions of a document, such as headers, calls to action, contact information, and the company’s name.

2.     The “Swipe” Effects:

Mango Animate Text Video Maker’s effects of text video software may be found in the Swipe category. These are the most basic effects, and they look fantastic in a variety of videos. If you don’t want to play around with animations but yet want your text messages to seem nice, the Swipe effects are always a fantastic option.

3.     The “Type” Effect:

The Type effect is identical to the Typewriter animation effect in professional editing products like After Effects or Premiere Pro. This effect makes text appear to be entered in real-time.

Because the Type effect looks nice on larger chunks of text, you may safely use it in your video’s body text.

4.     The “Glossy” Effects:

There are two Glossy animated text video software effects available right now:

Both of these effects work well with neutral typefaces and backgrounds.

These effects are best used with three or fewer lines of text. Otherwise, the results may divert the viewer’s attention away from the content.

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