The skin is the part of the body most exposed to dust, dirt, germs and radiation every day. The least one can cleanse and protect them is to follow some simple and effective steps every day that can keep the skin glowing and healthy for years. Alkaline water or acidic ionized water offers significant benefits when it comes to the health of the skin. Using water purified by an alkaline water filter keeps the body healthy and enhances a person’s beauty and attractiveness when used right.

  • Stay hydrated

The body has to be in its best condition to look its best. One of the sure ways to get there is to drink lots of alkaline ionized water as a part of the everyday diet. To get the best skin quality, drinking a minimum of 2 liters to 3-4 liters of water is a must. Water made of 3-9.5 pH alkaline water provides faster hydration as it is rich in dissolved hydro. Faster hydration ensures that the body stays hydrated throughout the day inside and out. Alkaline water also tastes much better than tap water, encouraging a person to consume more of it throughout the day.

  • Protect the Skin by Washing it

The skin’s acid mantle is the first line of defense against viral, bacterial and fungal infections for the body. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a pH level of 5.5 on this layer of the skin to equip it against them. But as soaps must emulsify and flush oils away, they are usually high on alkaline pH, leaving a pH residue on the skin, making it dry and rough. Washing the skin with the tap water could decrease the amount of pH alkaline that is supposed to be present on the skin. So, the best solution is to rinse the body with acid water at a 3-4 pH level to help remove the extra alkaline and restore it to its ideal level.

  • Get Softer Skin 

Water purified by an alkaline water filter ensures that the skin is softer, making it a great remedy for dry and flaking skin. It provides greater resistance to skin infections, irritations and rashes. It also provides resistance to invasion by fungus and bacteria into the nails and the skin, making the pores healthy. In addition, sunscreen washing with alkaline water makes the skin pimple-free.

  • Have Healthier Hair

Alkaline ionic water at a  3-4 pH level is perfect for neutralizing the hair follicles. The cuticle forms the outermost layer of the hair shaft, and it is made of scales that open up depending on the pH level, letting in foreign particles into it. High-level pH allows for the hair shaft to open, and a low-level pH closes the hair shaft. It is best for the hair to have its cuticle closed to maintain its beauty. Shampoo usually has a high pH level solution that opens up the cuticles, exposing them to the air, making them dry and damaged.

Rinsing the hair with alkaline water at pH 3-4 combines with the high pH of the shampoo and balances it out, restoring the hair to the ideal pH level of 5.5.

  • Make the Hair Lustrous 

Hair that has tightly closed cuticles is silky, shiny and smooth and does not have split ends. Alkaline water makes the hair more vibrant, less static and strong. In addition, it helps to maintain a cleaner scalp and the hair doesn’t tangle or dry out.

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