Some fun wedding ideas

There are so many fun wedding ideas that you can implement to organize a festive wedding that will make both you and all your guests smile. First of all, you need to distinguish between fun projects to be implemented during the reception, or real jokes that you can play on the bride and groom. It is good to distinguish these two cases and address both talks, separately.

Funny ideas for wedding

  1. Wedding party ideas
  2. Jokes to the bride and groom
  3. Memorable jokes

Some Funny wedding ideas

Among the many fun ideas for a wedding that you can organize to make both you and all your guests laugh, there is one related to the place cards. If you want to make everyone smile, you can make very special cards, composed exclusively of photos of those who will attend the ceremony!

Alternatively, you can also draw the names of those who will sit at various tables, so that everything will be left to chance and everyone will find themselves next to a “surprise” person. Before doing something like this, of course, you will have to check that there are no disputes between families or problems such as unresolved arguments. If these issues are absent, have fun!

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To organize a fun wedding, however, you can also focus on a treasure hunt to be done by the guests, who may have to “earn” the entrance to the room where there will be the buffet of desserts, or even have to solve puzzles or riddles to figure out where they can have lunch or dinner. Certainly, this can be a nice idea especially if the age range of the guests starts from a minimum of at least 20 years up to 40-50. If there are a lot of children, even better, you can also organize a treasure hunt for them.

All this will be perfect especially if you have chosen to get married in the countryside or if you are celebrating in a farmhouse, where outside you will have enough space for your guests to run, jump and play. However, this is not the end of the list of things to do to get a nice and all laughing wedding.

To figure out how to throw a fun wedding you can also simply let your imagination guide you. There are also lots of ideas that, as well as being very funny, can also be very useful, such as slippers for the guests.

These slippers can really be a handy aid, too, because they will allow the guests to dance without any problems and, above all, they will free the women from the stilettos, which can maybe bother them while the wedding party is going on. Comfortable, low, they will bring a smile to everyone, but also a sigh of relief, for those who already feared having to wear high shoes all the time.

However, you can make a wedding laugh even by organizing a real triumphal march, just right for the entrance of the bride and groom. In addition to this, the bride can also do, if she wants, a sort of parade, perhaps inviting the other women present, to do the same.

This could create a sort of “challenge” to be launched to the rest of the guests, who could respond with another parade exclusively for men. The fun ideas for weddings, however, do not end there. Rather, it deserves a paragraph in itself the speech concerning the jokes to be made to the bride and groom.

For a fun wedding, guests can also organize memorable jokes to the bride and groom, which undoubtedly will not easily forget. Obviously, it would be better not to focus on ideas full of perfidy because the purpose is to make people laugh, not to anger or ruin the wedding day.

One of the most common jokes is to hide the wedding favors, which of course should be organized in the right way and with appropriate timing, not to be discovered. In this way, at the time of distribution of these special memories, the bride and groom will not be able to find them. It might also be fun to provide them with a series of clues so that they can find out where they are.

In addition to this, another fairly well-known prank is to throw the groom into the pool at the moment the bride throws her bouquet, or put this idea directly into practice when the groom is not expecting it, catching him by surprise.

Another great idea, however, could be to change the menu, leaving the bride and groom stunned. In this case, it is advisable not to change it entirely because this could cause problems. The ideal would be to make just a few changes, perhaps by choosing very special delicacies.

Even so, there are those who prefer to organize other jokes much more special, such as filling the wedding car with cellophane or cover it entirely with flowers, without letting you see even a single point of the body.

Also worth noting is the idea of replacing the entire car that will carry the bride, with another, perhaps much more special, that the young woman does not expect to see at all.

Another funny idea can be the wrong gift, but in this case, you will have to know the bride and groom well, to organize everything perfectly.

A great joke could be to give the groom a jersey of an opposing soccer team if he is a very fanatic type. As for the bride, who may be expecting a gift for the house, you could opt for a very small gift, such as a single hairband for example, which as soon as she sees it will elicit a questioning expression. To these, however, you can also add other jokes really memorably.

You could surprise the bride and groom by making them believe that the wedding destination has now become a place that is forbidden to enter for days, due to an earthquake that destroyed the place. This prank, however, requires false images, so you might need someone who is good with programs like this, to make the bride and groom really believe that they cannot leave.

There are also those who opt for the “shoe theft“, to be put into practice while the bride is dancing, and just shortly after she has taken off her heels and replaced them with other footwear. At that moment, her heeled shoes are suddenly moved or stolen.

Memorable, however, can also be making the young newlyweds believe that the cake has fallen. It would be better, however, not to make this joke last too long, because then you risk making the bride and groom nervous. As we have seen, the funny ideas for organizing a wedding all to laugh at are really a lot, you just have to indulge to put them in place!

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