The idea of working from home seems great: the freedom to work at your pace, in your space, and with unlimited access to the fridge and cupboards is an extremely appealing one! In reality, however, working from home can be a real drag. 

If you have a family, the noise of day-to-day activities can be distracting as all heck. If you live alone, the deafening silence may start to drive you mad. Listening to the same radio announcers day after day on your favorite station – when you aren’t in glitching Zoom meetings – could easily convince you that you’re all alone in the universe. 

Here are some easy ways to ensure you stay sane in your home office.

1. Get Some Fresh Air

One of the worst things you can do to your brain is to keep it locked up inside all day. Studies have consistently shown that there is a relationship between exposure to the outdoors and strong mental health and wellbeing

When you start to feel as though you might be losing the plot a little bit in your home office, block off some time in your schedule to take a brisk walk around the block. Even if the weather isn’t conducive to a sunny stroll, trust us: your brain will thank you! After your lungs fill up with that fresh air a few times, you’ll be back at your desk a brand-new person.

2. Get Tech That Works

On top of everything you’re dealing with in your home office – your family or roommates, the mess, interruptions from the neighbors, the constant buzzing need to get dinner figured out later on – you definitely do not need to be worrying about whether or not your computer will work. 

Do yourself a favor and kit out your home office with a new computer – Lenovo Home Business Laptops are perfect for handling the tasks of daily work life while still sliding away inconspicuously at night time when you need to clock off.

3. Stop Snacking!

Imagine this: it’s 2 pm, you’re in the middle of writing an extremely long brief for a project you doubt will even happen, and you get up to stretch your legs. As you wander away to the kitchen, you decide that a little snack will be just the thing to see you right again. If this seems familiar, you’re not alone: what seemed like it was going to be the best part about working from home has turned into a phenomenon of overeating.

While there is no quick fix to avoid snacking during the workday, you can try pouring a glass of water or boiling a cup of herbal tea instead of sliding your hand into a box of crackers or a bag of chips. While it may not have the same satisfying crunch, the new activity will have an equally soothing effect on your brain, which was, after all, just looking for a little distraction!

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