As we all know, the brain is the controlling part of our body and the most powerful organ. The brain makes all the decisions. We can say that the brain controls the primary functions of our body like- walking, talking, thinking, and many more. What we know is that our brain can perform complex and spectacular things. One such significant activity is the memorizing capacity of our brain. It can recall hundreds of items, challenging questions, tables, mathematical calculations, etc.

It is not that every person shares a common memorizing ability. The brain’s memorizing capacity of each person is quite different from the other, and some have excellent recalling and learning capacity, while some lack it. But having a superb recalling ability is found in few and for rest, training their brain is the only option. With the present-day technologies, the school management system has also managed to consider LMS advantages. It helps students use tools that help students with the best recalling habit and thus is very beneficial at studies also.

Here we will explain some significant aspects of why students need to harness the power of recall. 

Active Recalling

When seen from a learning study point of view, recalling is related to what the teachers ask students after completing a specific topic. It’s the way of training or sharpening your mind actively regarding certain information, or you can say that it is the method of memorizing information.

Whenever we see, read or learn something, it is stored in our mind for a specific or short period, say two days to 1 month. But when we practice and memorize it regularly, it is stored for a long time. Active recall is far better than reading, highlighting, watching, and listening. So! sharpening your recalling power will help you in your future. 

It has been seen that people sometimes get confused between reviewing and recalling. Recalling and Reviewing are two different things. Let’s understand it.

Difference between Reviewing and Recalling


Review is what students do before the recall. It is impossible to recall or memorize something about which you don’t have an idea. 

For example- if a teacher asks the student to talk about ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, they probably would not answer that due to a lack of proper information. So! as an outcome, they will find more information about PMJDY, what it is, what is the main motive, etc. Now, this is reviewing. 


It is a method of memorizing things without the help of extra tools and notes. Sometimes people struggle in this part s they don’t have access to any notes or tools. 

For example, memorizing something using clues or searching about it will be considered recalling.

Knowing the difference between reviewing and recalling might help you achieve success at every point of your life. 

Perks of Active Recalling

  1. Active recalling helps you to manage time or save time. Think about how much time is saved during the examination when you actively recall the answer. It lets you answer the question in very little time if you are preparing for the board’s exam or matriculation. 
  2. When you recall something immediately, this helps to boost your confidence. 
  3. Active recalling makes you highly intellectual.
  4. Active recalling helps you to do well in your studies. 

How to do Active Recalling?

  1. When you finish reading a particular topic, make a list of questions that you think are important and could be asked in the examination and prepare your answers accordingly.
  2. Always remember to present your answer in a particular structure. 
  3. To become good at recalling, you cannot peek into the book. 
  4. When stuck in recalling the answers, take the help of a notebook and remember it all over again.


The process of recalling could be fun. Learn it slowly, and you will enjoy the process later on? Prepare hard, recollect the questions and answers without any errors; if you can recall quickly without any help, hurray! You won. 

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