With summer and its rising temperatures and stifling heat, dressing sharp becomes a challenge. The warm weather restricts our outfit choices and wanting to look as dapper as possible while still enjoying the hot weather comfortably and carefree will not be easy. But with the right accessories to complement your outfit and complete your overall look, we can make it work.

Summertime accessories are a little different from the usual ones we own. You will want your accessories to be lightweight, light-colored, and functional, unlike your usual neckties and formal wear. These accessories will add a touch of your personality to your wardrobe and make you look more fun this summer!

1. A Stunning Outdoor Watch

What is summer if you cannot have fun under the sun? The best way to spend a sunny and hot day is to spend it at the beach or by the pool. Being by water does not mean you can just wear any jewelry and think it will survive from possible water contact without being damaged. You have to choose the right jewelry to wear.

A watch is a classic element of style that is a must-have. It should be functional in the sense that it can tell time accurately, durable, and of course, stylish. You might want to consider investing in an Omega Seamaster for a durable and classy sports timepiece. It has models that have water resistance up to 600 meters. Guaranteed, a watch like this is perfect for a plunge in cool waters.

If you like a lighter watch, consider woodgrain watches. This style stands out among watches with traditional metal and leather bands. It matches well with summer textiles, bright colors and can be paired with day to night looks.

2. Sunglasses That Suit Your Face Shape

With the sun shining brightly and all out with its glory, sunglasses are a must. Not only does a pair protect your eyes from harmful UV lights and rays, but it can also change your entire look for the better.

In choosing the sunglasses perfect for you, you must first know the shape of your face. Familiarize yourself with your hairline, jawline, and chin, so you can find the pair of sunglasses that suit you best.

  • Heart Shape Face

People with heart-shaped faces have pointed hairline, a prominent jawline, and a sharp chin. Sunglasses that are wider at the top than the bottom with frames that are polyurethane are recommended. This type of sunglasses will balance out the sharpness of your chin and your strong jawline.

  • Round Face

Round face people feature wide cheekbones and a slightly narrow forehead and jawline. Wearing sunglasses with oversized and rectangular frames, such as rectangle rimless and square aviators, will offset the roundness of your face.

  • Oval Shaped Face

Faces that are longer more than it is wide are known as oval-shaped. Any square or round-framed aviators will work as long as they are proportional to your face. It should not be too big nor too small.

  • Square Face

A wide forehead, cheekbones, and strong jaw define people with square faces. Consider sunglasses with round frames. They should soften the prominent features of your face and balance them out.

3. A Hat for the Hot Weather

Headgear has long been a staple in a wardrobe of a gentleman, because like sunglasses, hats are functional and also stylish. As hats provide shade from the scorching sun, they also protect the head, eye, and face against UV rays. An added benefit is the confidence that it will bring. It is an accessory that serves as a centerpiece of a look.

Summer fashion is all about lightness and fun, so your hats should follow suit. Hats like polyester baseball caps, straw fedoras, linen newsboy caps, and Panama hats are some of the hats you should consider getting.

4. Lightweight Footwear

A whole look can look off when the footwear is wrong. It can throw the balance off of an outfit and make it seem uncoordinated. It is ideal to have lightweight footwears that are high-quality, breathable, and comfortable in the summertime.

Lightweight sandals are known as the ultimate laid-back summer shoes. They are both comfortable, stylish, and perfect to pair with chino or linen pants. Canvas sneakers and espadrilles are also good summer footwear selections. Both are breathable and casual enough for a summer outfit.

Regardless of the type of footwear you choose, make sure that it is stylish yet comfortable. It is summertime, so you are to wear shorts and show some legs. Always consider if the ones you chose are worth looking at.

Stay Stylish Under the Scorching Sun

Make this summer fun and stylish. Go and try out accessories to make your overall look appropriate for the season. But do note that comfort and confidence are still ultimately important. Every individual has their own preferences, and these are only recommendations. The decision to choose is still yours.

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