We all drink water and can’t survive without it; it’s why it is the most popular drink on the planet. After H2O, many people would argue that the next most favored drink is coffee… Or is it tea?


Tea drinking can be traced from as early as the 3rd Century AD! This practice was enjoyed in the Shang Dynasty in China, where people mostly used it for medicinal purposes.


Apart from various alcoholic beverages, coffee is the next most consumed beverage. We love coffee. In fact, we’re drinking coffee right now! When we have taken too much coffee and want to quit cold turkey, we replace it with tea, and we always like it.

We know of few soothing things than a good cup of tea. Those who love green tea appreciate its metabolic boost, among other many benefits. That’s why we’ll focus on tea first.


Since tea has a little bit of caffeine, it makes it easy for us to let go of coffee without having the withdrawal migraine that would otherwise be guaranteed.

We have taken cold coffee during sweltering weather more times than we can count. However, an iced green tea is always a more refreshing alternative. Coffee’s benefits can’t compete with those of tea, which is why tea will retain that top beverage in the world.


Even though both tea and coffee have about the same water content, tea is much more effective in hydrating and keeping your body hydrated.

Tea boasts a higher dissolving-to-water ratio than coffee, which means that it’ll hydrate the body better. The myth linking caffeine to dehydration has been debunked. Too much caffeine can indeed lead to headaches and jitters that can be treated with plain water or – yes, you guessed it – tea, which is, of course, mainly water.


If you’re quitting soda, you’ll find that an iced tea will hit all the spots without the excess calories and sugar, not to mention the dehydrating effects. Remember when we mentioned that tea was used for medicinal purposes in China? That has been proven to still be true. Studies have linked the consumption of tea to a lessened risk of certain types of cancer. The reason isn’t apparent, but it’s comforting to know.


The moderate amounts of caffeine in tea has a lasting effect on the levels of energy you have. Even though some teas do have similar caffeine levels to coffee, coffee still leads to a more significant crash or depression than tea.

Coffee does give you an initial rush of energy, but that is likely to taper quicker than if you had taken a nice cup of Earl Grey!


Tea is rich in antioxidants, something that coffee can only dream of. Oxidants leave your body tired, aged, and needing refreshment.

Antioxidants get rid of oxidants, cleansing your body of the damaging toxins and leaving you feeling and looking fantastic. For a personal tip, green tea proves to help rid our bodies of alcoholic toxins on hangover days. We feel hydrated and get the necessary caffeine, so we don’t want to sleep for two days and nights consecutively.


Green tea is praised for its weight-loss benefits. Caffeinated green tea seems to kick the metabolism into motion.

You enjoy the energy of caffeine without worrying about the calories. Taking plain tea or honey also means that you have a lower calorie drink than you would if you took a milky cappuccino or a syrup-filled latte.


Even as tea is lauded as a stress reliever, some of these stress-reduction capabilities come in the form of socialization.

People around the world drink tea as they socialize. When people gather for good and bad reasons, they often take tea together. In the modern world, coffee is used for this very purpose too.

Asking someone out for coffee is a widespread culture. Coffee shops are growing into social parlors where people interact. Tea still beats coffee in reducing stress since too much coffee will lead to anxiety, headaches, and jitters. The solution will again be your winner – tea!


Bottom Line: We Can Still Love Them Tea or Coffee, Right?


All this doesn’t mean that we’re asking you to keep away from your daily espresso. At least we know we won’t. It’s just something to think about.


If you’re after weight reduction and detox, taking tea will help. We still take coffee regularly, but not as much as we would if we weren’t drinking tea too.


Word for the wise: if you slow down on your coffee, make sure you buy coffee packaged in high barrier coffee bags that you can close up. You don’t want air and moisture circulating in your coffee, affecting the quality and taste of the next cup you brew. We could go on and on about coffee, but we have to admit that tea is pretty great too.


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