Pulsed electromagnetic therapy PEMF recharges your body cell in the same way as a mobile charger does. Your body cells are exhausted due to their nonstop performances. The energy depletion may appear in the form of any ailment. The therapy through a gadget induces a low magnetic field to replenish your energy, regenerate cells and cure cellular dysfunction. You can evaluate a device through its magnetic field emission, construction, type of programs, and applicators. Healthylineoutlet sells products with the best PEMF technologies.

Best PEMF Technology Devices

Ideally, the patient’s body part must be in contact with the emitting source. That’s why modern machines come with applicators that are comfortable and adjustable to cater to a wide range of treatments. Here are some popular technologies you can find at Healthy line outlet are:

  1. A Full Body Size Mat Or Mattresses

These mats offer full-body treatment for the patients and emit radiation that is distributed evenly. You have to lay down, and your whole body absorbs the radiation. Mattresses may contain several solenoids in them to emit the magnetic field.

  1. A Cushioning Device Or Pillow

A magnetic field-inducing pillow or cushions under the head or back supports your spine. It improves your posture and alleviates your pain.

  1. Wearable Applicators

These are small pads like wearable applicators to wrap around the neck, waist, knee, ankle, or wrist. Their advantage is that they are easy to adapt and remain stuck to the targeted area. You can wear these devices while doing other routine activities, provided these are not stiff, tight, or painful. For example, adjustable elastic bells contain two or three solenoids inserted.

High-Intensity Devices

In treatments that need a high-intensity magnetic field, the devices contain larger solenoids to avoid overheating. Previously the patients had to lie on the bed inserted with big electromagnetic cylinders. That resulted in a less intense magnetic field. Nowadays, smaller cylinders have replaced that equipment for better treatment of peripheral body areas as well.

IMRS (Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation)

IMRS is a PEMF system that uses a low intensity of about 0.2 to 65 Micro Tesla for the whole body. The system offers four frequency ranges that fall in the range 0.5 to 23Hertz. These frequencies resonate with Schumann resonance, brainwave frequencies, and earth magnetic field.

Low-energy pulsed radiation can do wonders in body cells in terms of self-healing. It can help cure many ailments. The technology uses a device like a mat and a steady therapy. A short session of 8 minutes duration energizes every cell in your body. Combining ISLRS (integrated sound light and relaxation system) with iMRS helps to relax your brain. It gives relaxing frequencies through sound and light. More relaxation results in more cell energizing.

BEMER (Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation)

The technology is an advanced type of PEMF delivered through BEMER devices. BEMER uses pulsed waves to enhance blood circulation. That results in improved oxygen supply, nutrients supply, and better elimination of wastes. It uses an applicator or a pad to deliver low-frequency pulsed radiation to stimulate body tissues and muscles. The intensity can vary based on treatment requirements. Visit Healthyline Outlet to purchase the best products. 


Like BEMER, the OMI technology produces electromagnetic pulses of low frequency and low intensity. OMI pads, mats, and mattresses are convenient ways to rehabilitate damaged cells. The eight copper coils in mats induce the field to your full body. It helps to restore the ions’ transmission and energy level while treating muscle fatigue.

RTMS (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)

RTMS is an advanced form of pulsed waves. It uses low-frequency magnetic pulses to treat brain issues. The technology has the potential of curing depression, epilepsy, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease.


If you are looking for a non-invasive, side-effect-free solution to your ailments, try PEMF. The therapy is improving day by day with new technology for the customized needs of the patients. 

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