Every person wants to feel special on their birthday. Whether you hate your birthdays or love them, no one wants to feel unloved and forgotten on the day they entered the world, no matter what they might say otherwise.  An easy yet impactful way to make someone feel loved on their birthday is by giving them a personalized perfect birthday greeting card on their very special day. But choosing the right card can be hard, especially with so many kinds of cards out there. A bad greeting card might ruin someone’s birthday instead of making it brighter.

Why choose birthday cards in the first place?

In order to not make a fool of yourself, you need to choose your birthday greeting cards carefully and thoughtfully. Not only will your card make more impact if you send it with a personalized note inside, but also when you choose your greeting card with thoughtfulness.  A generic card won’t have a lot of impact, but a card chosen because it will hold special meaning to the recipient will make them smile like the sun. That is why it is important to choose the right card.

Who’s Birthday Is it?

Choosing the right card is a matter of introspecting the kind of relationship you and the recipient have. Is it a working relationship, are you close friends, is it a family member or is it your significant other? The answer will not only define what kind of card would be meaningful to them but also which kind of card would be appropriate to send in the first place.  You can’t choose the same kind of card for everyone after all. Not only would that feel disingenuous but it is also extremely tacky.

What kind of messages do they appreciate?

The second thing you need to consider is that what kind of person is the person whose birthday it is. Are they one who finds humor in everything? Are they more of a heartfelt person? Or are they always serious and only looking for business?

By figuring out what kind of person they are, you’ll be able to quickly narrow down what birthday message will mean the most to them. A humorous person would find a birthday card containing jokes and humor personable, while a heartfelt person would love a card that shows your true feelings and thoughts about them and their birthday. And for a serious person, we recommend that you stick to the stoic variety of greeting cards and definitely steer clear of the rude birthday greeting cards.


By choosing the correct birthday greeting card, you can make someone’s birthday just so more special than it was already going to be. Make a positive impact on someone’s life by sending them a heartfelt individualized birthday greeting card from Pop up Cards Direct.

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