If you and your spouse have finally decided to renovate your kitchen, you must be very excited about redesigning your space. Selecting the latest appliances or installing new custom cabinetry and flooring can be exciting. But you don’t have the DIY home improvement skills needed to undertake a major project like this. As a homeowner, all you can do is choose the most attractive tiles, countertop, or cabinets. However, when it comes to efficiently install these items, only a renovation contractor can handle these complex tasks. Whether you’re planning to redesign your entire kitchen or need a few changes, the success of any large or small project depends on hiring specialized home renovators.

The process of hiring a contractor is no different than hiring a new employee for your business. Whether it’s a big company or a small business, the employer never hires the first applicant for the job. The recruiter first gets an application from multiple candidates who qualify for the job, shortlist the most qualified candidates, interview them, and then make a final decision. In the same way, you cannot rush the process of choosing a kitchen remodeling contractor. It is important to spend some time researching the best local contractors available for the job, compare their services, and other factors to make an informed decision. This process involves shortlisting the top-rated contractors, examining each contractor’s project portfolio, requesting references, and getting project quotes from each. To make the selection process further easier, we have explained each step in detail. So, keep reading to know the process of hiring the right kitchen renovation contractor for your project.

Compile a List of Kitchen Renovation Contractors

When you go shopping, you compare multiple dresses to find out which one suits you best and fits your budget. Likewise, when looking for a renovation contractor, you need to consider multiple service providers to select the one that suits your project needs within budget. So, search online for local kitchen renovation firms and take a close look at their website. You should shortlist contractors based on their license, insurance, industry certifications, and testimonials. If you don’t find license and insurance details on the website, call the company and verify these details. Never take a risk of shortlisting contractors who don’t have the right credentials.

Check Portfolio

Once you have a list of some reliable-looking contractors, contact them and ask them to show their previous work. Some companies publish their work portfolio online while some can provide you portfolio on request. When checking their previous work, make sure they have completed kitchen renovation projects in past and look for a design and work that are similar to your project requirement. While checking the portfolio, ask the cost of different projects to understand if their services are within your budget. Never hire a contractor who doesn’t specialize in kitchen renovation.

Verify Reputation & Get It in Writing

Even if you’re satisfied with the previous work of the contractor, it is important to find out if their previous clients were happy with their services. You can find this information online on review sites like BBB, Yelp, and Google reviews. If everything looks reliable, proceed by asking for a detailed contract. The company should provide you a clear contract mentioning every detail- from the cost of material and labor to the project timeline.

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