The sunny days are over, and with them the feminine flying silhouettes. With the onset of cold weather, ladies almost without exception prefer trousers as the most practical winter clothing. Indeed, when choosing between beauty and health, there is no room for doubt. But this is only at first glance. A wardrobe item comes to the rescue of fashionistas, which envelops in warmth to the very heels, while maintaining all the attributes of femininity. As you may have guessed, this article will focus on what to wear with a long dress in winter or autumn. We will look at classic and unexpected combinations with different gg dress, outerwear and accessories.

It would seem, why reinvent the wheel, when emancipation made it possible to walk in trousers wherever you like? And yet, year after year, designers persistently offer dresses in winter collections, and girls are happy to accept this recommendation. It’s all about the benefits that such clothes provide:

  • Correction of flaws in the figure and accentuation of its merits. To emphasize the buttocks or hide full thighs, just choose the right cut.
  • Good fit for any body type. The dense fabric will not accentuate wrinkles or cellulite, and the cut will allow you to wear shapewear right up to your knees.
  • The warmth provided by the long hem and sleeve combined with winter fabrics.
  • Possibility to put on really warm underwear and tights.
  • The originality that distinguishes a girl in such an outfit from the crowd.

What kind of shoes to wear under a long dress?

The choice of shoes that will organically look with a maxi-length cannot be called unlimited. In general, the classic recommendations boil down to the following points:

  • The tight-fitting silhouette below the ankles does not allow for a wide bootleg;
  • At ankle length or mid-calf length, on the contrary, deliberately rough shoe models look harmonious.
  • A loose or layered cut of the skirt is well complemented by graceful models with stiletto heels or high, stable heels.

But these are standard recommendations and nothing prevents you from personally neglecting them in creating your own image and getting your own answer to the question “with what shoes to wear a long woolen dress of noor by saadiaasad?”

A successful street look is obtained by combining a semi-loose with martins. By playing with color combinations, you can create a discreet stylish or, conversely, a bright image. If you give preference to the sleeve ¾, then a large bracelet will ask for a wrist.

What outerwear to wear a long dress with?

On the one hand, outerwear must first of all correspond to the weather. But comfort in no way should go against style. If the task is to standardize recommendations, then we can talk about the following points:

  • If long outerwear is chosen, then it should be equal to or longer than the skirt;
  • Medium length is only valid for cardigans;
  • It is better to choose short jackets;
  • A voluminous or layered skirt implies a fitted outerwear;
  • An oversized coat is the best thing to wear with long tight dresses.

Dress + knitted outerwear

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about how to warm up in the fall is cardigans. A bold look is created in contrast – a clear geometric pattern and cheerful color of the dress is diluted with a laconic gray cardigan with a cozy fur boa. However, the contrast can be the opposite – a neutral dress accented with a bright cardigan.

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