The ultimate Wedding Checklist you need to follow: 5 Tips

Planning a wedding can take up a huge chunk of your time. It can last for several months too if it’s a big affair so a Wedding Checklist is must. You have to keep everything in mind, from the venue to the guests. Also, if you’re planning it yourself, the workload multiplies. You would’ve to keep everything in check along with preparing yourself for the big day.

It can be a pretty hefty thing to manage, especially when you want everything to go perfectly. So, if you’re going to plan a wedding checklist for yourself or a close person, keep on reading.

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There are several tasks at hand with any event. From the venue to the catering, you need to keep up with everyone’s preferences while fitting in your aspirations too. It would be pretty challenging to manage all that under a budget. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t plan that dream wedding without losing your mind.

The best way is to take up everything individually and work on the options. You should prioritize the couple’s preferences too before anything else. After all, it’s their big day. From choosing a wedding ring dealer to ensuring that everyone enjoys your wedding, it can amount to several steps.

You need to keep up with this wedding checklist that would allow you to ensure everything is in place:

Determine the budget

Your planning should begin with knowing what you can spend. It will help you select the options you can afford and easily move forward with the wedding plan. A better way to determine the budget range is to talk with your partner. It will dissolve the uncertainty and arrive at a certain range.

Also, if you’re planning the wedding for a loved one, ask the couple. Be upfront about it and ensure that you keep the expenditure below that number. If you don’t know about the budget, start by looking at your savings and investments. You shouldn’t touch the emergency fund that could support you in emergencies. You should communicate with your partner and ask them about what they can spare for the wedding. It would help you easily move forward with the wedding and ensure that you don’t receive a big receipt later on.

Book the venue

Wedding venues, especially during the wedding season, can be pretty hard to book. That’s why you have to start the planning earlier and make the booking on your desired dates. It will help keep the plans on track and ensure that you get your dream venue. Also, if you don’t have anything in mind, start searching. Ask whether you want an intimate beach wedding or a lavish one. It would help you easily plan the wedding too. You should include your partner and ask all of their preferences too. The wedding checklist should be enjoyable for both of you, and that’s why it’s essential to account for their choices.

The dress

Searching for a wedding dress can be another time-consuming task. Both the bride and groom also have to go through hundreds of options before finding something they like. After that, the alterations and the fittings can take up a lot of time too. That’s why selecting wedding dresses should be on your priority list. It will allow you enough time to go through all the options and choose the one that you love. Keep in mind the budget before you shortlist a dress. It would help you stay within what you can afford and ensure that you don’t cross the limit.

Decorations and theme

A wedding checklist theme can be a fun method to plan the event. It would help easily decide the decorations and catering too. You have to ask the bride and groom if they have anything in mind. It would be better to build a plan based on their choices. However, if they leave it up to you, it can be a little difficult to choose. You should also see the budget limit and what you can spend on the decorations. Look for theme ideas online. There are several decorations options too which can help you quickly choose one.

Wedding rings

Another important aspect is to choose the wedding checklist rings. You should know what your partner likes before choosing a design. Also, the budget plays a significant role here. Go through wedding ring options and shortlist a few. You can browse online or go to a store to see the variety. Also, know the ring size of your partner before buying. You can just ask them the size or use any of their old rings. It will help you get that perfect ring that fits your budget.

Also, it would be better to shortlist some design options. You can browse over the internet and select a few ones. Otherwise, going into a store with no knowledge can be quite confusing.

The Catering

An event cannot be complete without some delicious food. You should decide whether you want a traditional dinner or a fun food truck theme. There are several food choices, and you need to select the ones fitting your budget and preferences. Also, ensure that you include the wedding cake into the budget. It can be a significant expense later on if you don’t account for it. So, decide what you want to eat at your wedding and book them now.

These were the major checklist points that should be ready when the wedding is near. It will help you easily plan and execute a fun and exciting wedding.


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