Valentines Day Has your girl ever said to you even once ‘I don’t know what I want,  just surprise me’, then mind you she has a list of things she expects you to do? If she has said so to you, know that you have found a real queen to yourself who expects you to read her mind, know her eyes, and take her tantrums. As daunting as these few lines may have seemed, you know that you have to yourself a cute girl too who loves to be this way but is your little BAE in her heart.

Girls Like for Valentines Day gifts

Even with clean intentions, you may come off wrong where your girl demands you to do something you can’t imagine doing. It does not include skydiving without ropes but maybe a bar of chocolate after a fight. It’s a psychological fact; men are less acclaimed to their emotional quotient in an independent environment and utterly devoid of sentiments when put in comparison with women. For the coming Valentines day, the pressure is building up again, and she is looking up to something of a surprise that will happen, and you are probably unaware of the thought.

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For these cute boys who don’t know those unsaid things that girls like, we have some Valentine day gifts that are not materialistic and still mean the world to your girl.

  • A late-night call

If your conversation or debate has always been the unavailability of time and despite all tries, you are not able to give her enough time of your day, this is the perfect movement to make up for it. Call your girl at 12 to wish her a happy valentines day and talk to her till she doesn’t feel asleep. Talk to her about the first day you met, all your first movements, talk about life, and put her to a good night’s sleep.

  • Hugs

Yes, this is something very basic, and still, you miss out on it. If you are shy to express your love to her through hugs if you don’t hold her hand in public, these are not very good signs. Give her hugs on valentines day, hug her from the back and surprise her with the love she wasn’t expecting. Each time you hug her, you can also give her a rose, just imagining the moment gives you goosebumps.

  • A greeting card

Don’t just go to the next gift store, and buy her a readymade greeting card, make one with your own hands. Buy sheets, glitter pens and flowers put them together in a beautiful layout. Give it an authentic love look and begin writing on it all your thoughts and emotions. Draft a nice message and do take your best friend’s recommendation for it.

  • A bunch of gifts

Now here we are not talking about materialistic, costly gifts but just somethings that should be a part of your surprise on Valentine’s day. The number is a teddy bear, a cute little one brown or pink in color, a rose for when you say I love you to her, a bar of chocolate for a year of the sugary sweet life. And that should be it.

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