A family vacation is one time awaited by many people, especially holidays with children, what’s more with a vacation to Geylang Hotel, which is a place in the city-state of Singapore, precisely east of the Central Area, the central business district of Singapore.

You can choose Geylang because this city is one of the parts of Singapore that lacks a touch of urban projects and development, so you can enjoy views of shophouses, nightlife, dimly lit districts, karaoke lounges, as well as an alternative view of the rest of modern Singapore, which is generally not available in many other areas of Singapore.

Especially if you choose Ibis Budget Singapore Ruby as your place to stay, you can get amazing deals from this place. This place offers smart comfort, slick design, fun atmosphere, making it a truly valuable place to stay for your dear family.

So, you will get a different stay experience. Not only that, but this hotel is also close to several favorite places for your family who are foodies. Because, all the time, you will find several places for culinary. Such as Bak Kut Teh to hipster cafes, so this area is one area that is crowded with foodies.

At night, for example, you will enjoy the colorful scenery, with hanging sign boards and neon lights lining every shophouse in Geylang. Good experience, right? Then how the hell, tips on vacationing with family?

  • Watching with Family

    Of course, when you are traveling with your family, there is one thing you can do at a place to stay, which is to watch together. You and your family can certainly spend time watching, in the afternoon and at night, with a movie theme that you can set yourself.

Where you stay, you can make the viewing area as comfortable as possible—followed by blankets and some food, which makes watching with the family even more memorable.

  • Play with Family

    You can play with your family during this time, especially with your children. You can invite your family to play, and there are lots of games that you and your family can play, such as playing cards, board games, monopoly, snakes, and ladders.

So, you can create an atmosphere of fun playing with your family!

  • Cleaning the House with Family

If you are not on vacation, you can spend your time with your family cleaning the house and cupboards. This is not only sweeping or mopping, but you can also start sorting the items that will fill the house.

Of course, there will be many things that can be sorted, so that the house is not filled with unused items, it would be better to do sorting activities; which ones are still in use and which ones are not.

To do this, you can take your child with you to sort out the items that will be used according to their daily needs.

  • Exercising with family

    One cool activity that can be done with the family is to exercise together. You can do many sports with your families, such as playing soccer and gymnastics.

In essence, you can invite your family to be active and sweat. Not only that but exercising with family can also increase intimacy and cohesiveness.

Vacations can indeed be done anywhere, and you can travel with family or go out of town. You can also spend time off at home with your family, you can even do some different things, of course.

Try to involve all your family to spend vacation time. Thus, the intimacy and intensity of your kinship with your children will continue to grow.

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